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BIGBANG ‘MADE’ Album Review

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BIGBANG is the ultimate Kpop group and MADE was their crowning glory. VIP or not, this album is a MUST listen for anyone who’s even remotely interested in Korean music. What more can I say? Let’s get into the review.

There are no words that accurately sum up how tragically beautiful the first song on the album, called Loser, is – you just have to listen for yourself. The lyrics are introspective & self-deprecating, yet the angelic vocal flourishes and catchy raps make this song somewhat hopeful. This song was made for Taeyang’s voice to shine especially – his vocalisations in the ending chorus are to die for. This is really one of BIGBANG’s finest songs, reminiscent of their older hits like Lies and Haru Haru which propelled them to stardom. I could listen to this song forever.

Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world, I was always alone

It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten about love

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Bae Bae is one of the craziest, sexiest & weirdest songs I have ever heard. It is extremely catchy and addictive, with a funky beat that is strange and dream-like. This song will have you jumping out of bed and rocking out even when you’re too tired to move. The vocalists belt out amazing tunes whilst the rappers give the verses their all. The best part of the song is definitely T.O.P’s rap, which is honestly one of his BEST verses of all time. Bingu Tabi is BACK and he’s weirder than ever! (Check the live performance for the full experience). Also, this whole song is just one large ongoing innuendo tbh.

Pretty eyes like a deer, you’re my princess…

My body wraps around yours so perfectly, You’re forever 25 to me

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Bang Bang Bang is the title track to end ALL title tracks. It is the ultimate party song, one that is good enough to compete with Fantastic Baby for the most iconic BIGBANG song. I generally dislike the use of the word “epic” to describe things that aren’t literally epics, but to be honest, this song deserves it. I mean, it was so good that it was even played in North Korea as an example of the pinnacle of South Korean pop culture. BBB has a legendary beat, an iconic dance and a stunning music video to match. Each member had their time to shine, both vocally and visually. Music video highlights include: a T.O.P skit featuring an altercation between a sexy cowboy and an astronaut (him playing both roles, of course), Daesung’s iconic hair-covering-his-eyes look and G-DRAGON on a leash. What more could you ask for?

B.I.G Yea we bang like this, everyone together! Like you’ve been shot


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BIGBANG like to party, and We Like 2 Party with them too. This song is laid-back and fun – the perfect song to jam out to. The strong rhythm and catchy chorus just gets you moving. This is exactly the type of song to blast out on some nice speakers and just kick back with a beer. Take it easy, and enjoy some quality music while you do!

Let’s play with fire for the first time in a while… Being sober is against the rules

WE LIKE 2 PARTY till the sun rises above our heads

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If You is very different from anything BIGBANG has made before. The instrumental consists mainly of a simple acoustic guitar. VIPs get the pleasure of hearing BIGBANG’s voices in what almost feels like a cappella. G-DRAGON’s voice in the chorus is emotional, unmistakable and so crazily unique – he really is one of a kind. However, the person who truly owned this song was Daesung, who’s voice came powering through in the second verse, and was definitely the highlight of the song. This is a wonderful ballad – both sincere and warm.

If it’s not too late, can’t we get back together?…

I should’ve treated you better when I had you

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Next we have the cool and swag-filled Zutter from BIGBANG’s resident playboy rap duo GD&TOP. I’m honestly so glad this iconic pair came back with another song, because their subunit album from way back in 2010 was just so phenomenal. This song is sexy and arrogant, just like a good hip-hop song should be. Both rappers had unique and enjoyable verses, but I have to say that T.O.P came out on top (ha. ha. ha.). He switched up his flow in almost every line, and you can tell that each word was so carefully placed. T.O.P even referenced his legendary character from his movie Tazza The Hidden Card. (Whether you’re a VIP or not, PLEASE watch this movie – you won’t regret it). The intro and outro section of this song originally appeared on G-DRAGON’s Niliria… even HE thought that it was so good that we needed to hear it again!

Tonight we’re getting freaky freaky yea

Baby give me some, give me give me some yea

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Let’s Not Fall In Love starts off with T.O.P’s rarely showcased and unexpectedly beautiful singing voice. This song takes you on an emotional journey, and the music video allows you choose a BIGBANG member to fall for. Let’s Not Fall In Love perfectly showcases the members’ impressive vocal abilities and emotive rapping skills. In my opinion, the bridge and ending chorus are the best parts of the song, due to the heartwarming acoustic guitar and the wonderful harmony between T.O.P’s deep singing voice and Taeyang’s vocalisations a few octaves higher.

Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet

Actually, I’m a little scared

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I don’t really know why Sober struck such a deep chord in me, but from the moment I first heard it, I knew I would never hear another song with such a unique colour. It’s probably my favourite song on the album. BIGBANG really outdid themselves with this track – they reached a level of craziness, pathos and talent that I didn’t even know they had… and they’re BIGBANG! Sober is the perfect rock ballad, with a twist. The lyrics are heartbreaking and painfully relatable. Party away the pain with BIGBANG, that’s what they’re here for.

It’s hard for me to be sober, I can’t fall asleep without you…

I have so many damn things to do, but I have nothing that I want to do

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In my opinion, FXXK IT was the climax song to the masterpiece that was the MADE album. This track propelled the album from outstanding to literal legend. I absolutely cannot get enough of this song, it perfectly displays BIGBANG in all their glory, from Taeyang’s angelic voice to GD’s unforgettable rap. The wise words of Taeyang come to mind “ain’t no party like a BIGBANG party”. After hearing this song, you will realise that is true. This song manages to simultaneously be cool, sassy, reflective, cheeky and swag. I really don’t know how BIGBANG keep coming back with such gold.

Haven’t felt this nervous in a while, I can’t do anything

Before the night is over, I want you in my arms

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Last Dance is so unbelievably sad that honestly sometimes I have to skip it when I put on this album. Its release marked the countdown to T.O.P’s mandatory military enlistment, and was therefore the last time that BIGBANG would perform as a whole team. Even though it’s painful to listen to, I am glad this song exists, because VIPs will always have this last dance.

I will listen to this song with you…

Remember this moment. Until always, just one last dance

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Girlfriend was an unexpected gift that came with the full MADE album. When this track was released, I was so overwhelmed with FXXK IT and Last Dance that I almost overlooked it! But with time, I have grown to love Girlfriend so much – it captures that cool, happy and care-free BIGBANG that I crave. I really liked the cool electric guitar, sexy raps and playful vibe.

When my heart is sad… Girl you always pick me up

You know that I love you ma baby

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The MADE album has such incredible musical diversity – it’s impossible to believe that all these songs came out as part of one album. Literally every track is good enough to be another group’s best song – yet BIGBANG owns them all. They truly are the kings of Kpop. If you’ve read any of my other BIGBANG reviews, then you will know that I always say this… but I stand by it. VIP until whenever. Peace.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 10/10 (this scale was literally created with MADE in mind as the gold standard)

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Written by Jessica