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BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' Review

· B

BLACKPINK in your area! These are the words that BLINKs have been dreaming of for over a year. And finally, they're here.

How You Like That starts off with a bang - the fiery strings intro is unforgettable. It then does a 360 degrees turn and transforms into something fairly melodious and slow paced. The tempo doesn't stay slow for long - the tension aptly builds towards the hyped chorus. The bass-heavy instrumental in the chorus is incredibly addictive. It fairly low-key in terms of layers, but BLACKPINK's sassy adlibs and vocals fill the audio void.

When describing what makes this song pop, I only have two words: Lalisa Manoban. Wow. This rapper-come-dance-icon really blew me away. Lisa's second verse rap was funny, clever and a worthy rival of her iconic bars in 'As If It's Your Last'. Both Lisa's rap and fashion style gave me strong Nicki Minaj vibes - and honestly, I'm living for it.

This would not be a YG Entertainment party song without the classic overly-hyped-ending-chorus-shout-singing-fest (BIGBANG's Bang Bang Bang is the textbook example). I actually really enjoyed this song's adaptation of that classic model.

Needless to say, the music video was stunning. BLACKPINK really pushed the boat out with their hair, makeup and outfits. (A+ for Jisoo's smokey eye look). The choreography also seems interesting and complex - I can't wait for the stage performances.

Overall, this song is a welcome step up from 'Kill This Love', and I hope the rest of the album delivers. This will be BLACKPINK's summer - I can feel it.

Kpop Review Cafe’s Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica