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EVERGLOW 'Hush' Single Review

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EVERGLOW are an intriguing girl group, with unique charms and distinctive voices. They are surprisingly endearing and you find yourself quickly falling for them. Their signature bass-boosted style gives them a bit of a bad girl rep, and they certainly live up to it with this single.

Hush is an unexpected favourite of mine - it is really melodic and almost ethereal in its sound. The soft and high-pitched EDM instrumental reminded me of Fireflies by Owl City and makes the group seem like Kpop fairies. The members' voices have just the right amount of autotune (a style which has practically become their trademark). In essence, Hush is an EDM lullaby - what's not to like?

Adios is a bass-heavy track which is powerful, badass and insanely addictive. The EDM break in the chorus really gets you hooked and the shouted lyrics "Goodbye, Au Revior, Adios!" make an excellent killing point. The raps are high quality and the singing is memorable. My favourite part is the final chorus where an added layer of bass really takes the song to another level. Whilst watching the music video and listening to the track I, like many others, got reminded of BLACKPINK's Kill This Love. I know that there has been some animosity between the respective fandoms about whether or not this is plagiarism, but I do not think that it is at all. In my opinion, there is space for more than one girl group with a similar concept in the world of Kpop, and there shouldn’t have to be competition about which one does it better. If boy groups can be allowed to do it, then why can't girls?

Finally we have You Don’t Know Me, which is starkly different from the last two tracks. It's nice to see the group trying out different genres, although I'm not sure that this happy and sweet feeling is one that I'm the biggest fan of. Nevertheless, this song really showcases the members' distinctive voices.

It's safe to say that EVERGLOW are monster rookies, and I can't wait to see what they do next!

Kpop Review Café's Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica