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EXO – 4th Album Repackage ‘The Power of Music’ Review

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The War Album ruled my 2017 summer, so when I heard about the concept for this repackage album, I couldn’t be more excited. In many ways, Power is exactly what Ko Ko Bop isn’t: crazy where the former is chilled, extra where the former is laid-back. This made it the refreshing respite to your ‘average summer song’ that all of us were in need of.

The title track, Power, is an addictive dance track which showcases the differences in the members’ voices on top of a glitzy, futuristic beat. It’s amazingly uplifting, as well as being pretty ‘out there’ with its use of unusual sounds. The chorus keeps coming back, but never feels cheap or repetitive. The slower and more intense bridge holds the perfect build-up to a hyped last chorus. This is the kind of song you never forget.

I also loved the MV concept of space-warriors fighting a huge robot with gold-dusted Nerf guns. Though (let’s face it) the random cat scene was a little creepy, it was overall so random and fun that I fell in love with this concept.

The second song on this repackage, Sweet Lies, struck me immediately when I first heard it, because it seemed to flow with a life of its own, avoiding the strict verse-chorus structure and lending itself to improvisation and tempo changes anywhere the emotion called for one. I was really impressed by this flowing style that seems so rare in pop songs in general. The members’ charismatic singing and rapping combined with strange yet melodious harmonies and some interesting lyrics about being dangerous and unreliable made this a very interesting listen.

The final track: Boomerang is a sweet and melodious feel-good song that has an incredibly catchy tune and a beat that makes you want to dance around. It’s an enjoyable and fulfilling listen that makes you think ‘Wow, I had no idea this was so good!’

Overall, I love this repackage album because it’s exciting, experimental and has songs to show all the different sides of EXO. The production is satisfyingly clean and layered, and the unique tunes throughout the album bring out the best in EXO’s voices.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking 8/10

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Written by Krystal