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EXO – 4th Album ‘The War’ Review

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Hey guys! I was so excited to write you a review for EXO’s The War because it’s definitely one of mine and J’s favourites. What can I say? EXO basically took their classic sound, added loads of modern sounding beats and unexpected sound bites and shook it up till they had all EXO-Ls dizzy with excitement. This album is so upbeat and uplifting I couldn’t recommend it more highly. If you want a good time, give it a listen!

The first song, The Eve, is certainly one of my favourites as it is really immersive and has catchy verses with a strong chorus with some beautiful voices as well. The pre-chorus is a really nice contrast and really ties the whole song together. EXO’s voices really sound incredible through the whole of this great song!

Now, Kokobop!! This is addictive from the start, with really chilled out and cool singing contrasting to the hyped rap. The beat is incredible and really complex . The chorus is so catchy that you know it’ll be stuck in your head for ages. I’m not gonna lie, the instrumental part of the chorus shocked me at first, but it’s actually the perfect jolt of excitement for me on a normal day. The soft bridge is a welcome break though!

Next up, we have What U do. This song is really musical and the voice editing is quite wacky and very pleasing to hear. The amazing harmonies in the chorus with the ooh ooh oohs are really lovely as well. The bridge in particular has a lovely trap beat and there’s a breakdown just when you wanted it most. This song is just so upbeat and happy that it’s irresistible to click on all the time.

This is followed by Forever, an intense and powerful song with an iconic beat and a dark undertone. The incredible harmonies throughout the chorus paired with the strong rap in the verses means that this is extremely well rounded. The tune is not only catchy but it is quite emotional (for me at least!) This song is such an unexpected turn in a sweet summer album that it really reminds me why EXO albums are so popular. The bridge leading up to the last chorus is such a huge climax!

Our next song, Diamond, is similar to Forever in the way that it continues this dark yet powerful upbeat sound. The chorus is quite unusual and not necessarily easy to hear, but it is special because it is pretty unusual as K-pop songs go. There is a strong sense of direction in this song, and it is really cool and makes you want to dance. This song isn’t necessarily easy to listen to, but it will become one of your favourites after a few listens.

Now my favourite: Touch it!!!!!! I ADORE this song because it’s so fun and humorous but also sexy and chilled out and the most catchy, amazing thing I’ve ever heard!!! The funny rap as well as the catchy chorus make you feel like partying and the beat is just perfect. Chen’s vocals in this song are particularly of merit…

Now we have Chill, aka J’s favourite. This beat really stands out and the strange singing/rapping in this song make it pretty unforgettable. The chorus is not exactly tuneful, but that’s what makes it so special. This is a real mood-maker and the surprisingly harmonious bridge followed by this awesome breakdown mean that you could listen to this song 100 times and not get bored.

Second last we have Walk on Memories. This song is surprisingly calm compared to the other songs, but the spine-tingling chords in the verse and chorus remind you that this is not your average end of album ballad. This is still a little dark sounding, and this is why I like it so much. The key change in the last chorus is so cool! The texture is so thick throughout the song with loads of unexpected sounds that it makes for good listening.

Finally, we have Going Crazy. This is such a hyped song!! The awesome violins and drum in the first verse with EXO’s unbelievably cool singing mean that you know it’s gonna be one heck of a ride. The perfect rap, amazing tune, impressive bass and weird sounds all through- there isn’t too much praise I can give to this song!!!!! It’s the perfect end to an unforgettable album.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 9/10

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