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(G)I-DLE 'Lion' Review

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As a long time follower of the diverse and versatile world of Kpop girl groups, I have kept a keen eye on (G)I-DLE - last year's most promising rookie girl group. Filled with an unusual number of members and a striking leader who uniquely self-composes most of their songs, it is no surprise that (G)-IDLE have quickly become so popular. To me, (G)I-DLE are chameleons - they have the incredible ability to completely transform themselves into what ever concept they chose. This time, it was fierce lionesses - and of course, they hit the mark perfectly.

Lion is a fierce and catchy song with empowering lyrics. In my opinion, the pre-chorus and bridge are key factors to any song's longevity. Thankfully, both the pre-chorus and the bridge of this song were exciting and unique, giving Lion a pass from me. Miyeon's raw and almost jarring voice really sets this pre-chorus apart, and Soyeon showed up all idol rappers in the bridge with her incredible bars. The chorus itself was a little lacking - to be honest I am getting bored of (G)I-DLE's use of made up sounds (see all their previous title tracks). Nevertheless, this song is a great listen, even if it is a little rough around the edges. The stage performance and music video are just as eye catching and powerful as the song itself.

(G)I-DLE are an extremely promising girl group, full of talent and unique charms. If they continue on this upward trajectory, then I am sure they can become one of Kpop's most successful girl groups. Fingers crossed that they are managed properly by Cube Entertainment…

It's time for them to shed their rookie image completely and dominate the charts like pros.

Kpop Review Café's Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica