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K-pop Quarantine Playlist

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In these difficult times, a lot of people will be staying in their houses and practicing social distancing. Looking after your psychological health is important, and for us, that includes jamming out to K-pop. We’ve curated a playlist of our favourite songs, split into two parts.

Part 1: Songs to dance to in your kitchen

Wannabe - ITZY (2020)

This is a certified bop from K-pop’s hottest rookies. Dancing along to this song will not only help you physically, but you will also score some major self-love points. I don’t wanna be somebody, I wanna be me!

As If It's Your Last - BLACKPINK (2017)

Let’s be honest, it’s not a K-pop party without a little BLACKPINK. As It’s Your Last is a relative throwback track for the fierce foursome. I bet you know all the lyrics to Lisa’s iconic rap, don’t you?

Elevator (127F) - NCT 127 (2020)

This groovy track is off NCT 127’s latest album Neo Zone. It is upbeat, catchy and guaranteed to get those hips rolling. Grab a makeshift mic (we recommend a wooden spoon) and put those vocal cords to work.

Dun Dun - EVERGLOW (2020)

This is a bass-boosted banger which is guaranteed to get you revved up. The group’s signature EDM sound is super clear here. You’re so done! 

Up and Down - EXID (2014)

Arguably one of K-pop’s most iconic tracks. Everyone knows the dance. E V E R Y O N E. If this song doesn’t get you moving, then I don’t know what will.

Part 2: Songs to help you relax and destress

Beautiful - BAEKHYUN (2015)

When I say that EXO’s Baekhyun has one of the most glorious voices in K-pop, I’m not exaggerating. This song is the musical representation of a warm and cozy hug.

Try Again - d.ear x JAEHYUN (2017)

The best thing to go with this smooth ballad is a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Let Jaehyun and d.ear’s creamy voices lull you into a sugar-induced trance.

Would U - RED VELVET (2017)

This airy and magical ballad is sure to put a smile on your face. Red Velvet’s stellar voices and impressive harmonies will definitely calm you down.

Palette (feat. G-DRAGON) - IU (2017)

It’s as if IU was going for a relaxing aesthetic when she composed this song. Her soft and unique voice, on top of G-DRAGON’s mildly gruff rap, makes the perfect combination.

Still You - SUPER JUNIOR-D&E (2013)

This song is guaranteed to bring some sunshine into your day without you having to step outside your home. For that reason it’s the perfect quarantine song. Let Donghae’s soft vocals and Eunhyuk’s catchy raps wipe your troubles away.