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NCT Dream ‘WE BOOM’ Album Review

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If I didn’t call myself an NCTzen before hearing this, I definitely do now. This album outdid my expectation by miles; I heard it maybe 10 times in the first two days I discovered it, and it was just as good the 10th time as the first.

The title, Boom was what really caught my attention. Though the chorus is clearly the catchiest part of this song, it certainly isn’t the only good thing this track has to offer. The raps are fun and fresh and the prechorus has a tune that can only be described as enchanting. From start to finish, it keeps you at the edge of your seat in a way I never could have expected.

What really struck me about this album was how honest and fitting the songs’ concepts seemed to be to the members. Though they are young, each of the songs seemed to fit them so that they never seemed out of their depth. Stronger is a perfect example of this. From the first ‘Ayayaya’ it’s clear to see that the group actually like this song. It’s hyped enough to fill you with energy, yet is melodious enough to listen to casually. This track’s unusual tunes make this something I’ll always look forward to.

119 is so varied that it seems to cover opposite themes perfectly: it’s classic but experimental, serious but fun. The whole song keeps you listening as carefully as you can, waiting for the next surprise. It sends a clear message: listen on from the title because NCT aren’t done with you.

Hearing the title, I was expecting to hear a slow-tempo song that wouldn’t at all suit the album. How could I have predicted that Goodbye My First would in fact be youthful, upbeat and calm? From the rhythmic verses, sweet vocals and lovely chorus this song is absolutely the right one to charm any listener with the group’s best qualities. I couldn’t quite believe how therapeutic this song could be to listen to. Special mention to the mouth-trumpet sounds that just add that touch of fun.

Best Friend is plain adorable. It’s the kind of song that will always lift your mood with its lovely tunes and rap throughout. You find yourself quickly singing along to this one. Though the emotion is close to the song before, it holds its own and doesn’t feel at all similar.

Last but certainly not least, we have Dream Run. From the first second you can hear that the fun isn’t in any way over. With EXO-CBX’s ‘Hey Mama’ vibes, this party song shows a sassy, grown up feeling different to those that came before. The classic guitar and brass add that extra sparkle to inject you with excitement. I know for sure what song I’ll be putting on tonight.

This album keeps surprising me simply with how listenable it is. The carefree, exciting feeling was communicated beautifully and I’m sure it will continue to surprise me in the future.

Kpop Review Café’s Album Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Krystal