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NCT – Five Essential Tracks

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NCT are a super group who constantly push the boundaries of Kpop. Their concept, flow and style are unique and constantly changing. It’s hard to capture their essence in 5 songs, especially because of their different subunits, but here are the tracks I think are essential listening!

5. Take Off – WayV (2019)

This is a badass and upbeat bop with a killer dance and impressive vocals. It it sung by WayV, a group who promote mainly in China. Their performance skills are second to none.

I guarantee this song will send you flying!

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4. Boom – NCT Dream (2019)

NCT Dream may be the subunit for the group’s youngest members, but that certainly does not mean that their music is childish. Boom is sassy and catchy, with major RnB vibes.

You’ll wish you could dance when you hear this song!

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3. Cherry Bomb – NCT 127 (2017)

Cherry Bomb is a majorly innovative and will make you feel like a million bucks. Everything about this song is fresh and exciting, and special shout out goes to Taeyong and Mark for absolutely killing the raps.

This is a bop for intellectuals!

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2. Black On Black – NCT (2018)

When I first watched this music video, I was absolutely blown away. The choreography is next level, and the whole of NCT’s dance skills are out of this world. The song itself is edgy with major EDM vibes – super listenable.

Black On Black is performance art and nobody can tell me otherwise.

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1. Boss – NCT U (2018)

From the very first beat you know this song is going to be straight fire. Boss will have you out of your seat for sure, and NCT’s impressive rap and singing skills just make this song that more enjoyable.

Catch yourself jamming to this at any time of day.

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Written by Jessica