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Red Velvet 'Sappy' Album Review

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Red Velvet have been branching out into the Japanese market in the last year, and given SM Entertainment’s track record of producing amazing Japanese songs that rival and even surpass the fame of Korean ones (take SNSD’s extensive Japanese discography, for example), I had high expectations for this album. Let me tell you that I was not disappointed! I loved every track on this album, even though there were SO few.

Sappy is a jazzy and upbeat track, with a rich texture, outstanding vocals and cute raps. This song is unique and eccentric, much like the group itself. My favourite part is the smooth and sexy pre-chorus, where the main vocalists Wendy and Seulgi take turns to belt out impressive and experimental vocalisations. This song has that classic Red Velvet flavour, and is guaranteed to make you want to dance, no matter where you are!

The next song is Swimming Pool, which is a heart-warming, catchy and fun track that is perfect for the summer. I absolutely LOVED the upbeat electric guitar in the instrumental – this song captures the essence of naughties pop rock anthems, and I can see myself listening to it on repeat this summer. This song is so different to anything Red Velvet have ever tried before, but experimentation is something that Reveluvs have come to expect, and RV never miss the mark!

Sayonara takes us back to the group’s old days, when their “velvet” style songs dominated. The sexy piano in the instrumental and use of trap beats pushes this song into the R’n’B domain, and it feels like it would fit well on Groovyroom’s next album. Joy’s emotive voice stands out in particular on this track too. This song is a welcome addition to RV’s long list of mid-tempo bops.

These three songs are in three completely different musical realms, yet fit so harmoniously with Red Velvet’s impressive skills. As a diehard Reveluv, my heart fills with joy to see them release bop after bop without fail. I can’t wait for their next Korean comeback, and as the unrivalled Kpop Queens of summer, I am sure it is coming soon!

Kpop Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 7/10

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Written by Jessica