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Red Velvet 'Summer Magic' Album Review

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THE QUEENS OF SUMMER ARE HERE! SM Entertainment really love their seasonal promotions! We have Girls’ Generation and EXO owning the winter, and the lovely Red Velvet ruling the summer! I really loved this mini album – it was fresh and exciting, whilst simultaneously showing off Red Velvet as the mature and experienced artists that they are.

I have to say that Red Velvet are the queens of Kpop title tracks. Every single one is catchy, well produced and experimental, with beautiful vocals and an interesting concept. Power Up is an amazing song that is so different to their last releases (Peekaboo & Bad Boy), which just shows off the amazing versatility of the group. I really loved the rich beat and tuneful melody in the chorus. Also, how could I not fall in love with the catchy “Ba-banana” part (plus the cute ‘baby shark’ dance)? This was a fresh and exciting track, which fit perfectly with the heat of the summer. Sure, I was quite shocked when I first heard Joy’s clashing high note at the end of the bridge, but that’s Red Velvet for you! They will always be sure to make push their Reveluvs, as well the boundaries of pop music.

With You is a heartwarming song that is delightful to listen to. It is definitely my favourite non-title track on this album! The ladies’ sweet voices blend together perfectly in this happy ballad, and the vocalisations in the last chorus are overwhelmingly beautiful. I also really enjoyed the edgy concept of this song, which was Christmas in the summer. I mean who doesn’t love Christmas?!

"When I’m with you, it’s like Christmas in summer…

Santa, if you are real, I have a wish

Please let us be together

For the rest of the summers to come"

The next track Mr E is as confusing to listen to as the title suggests! I like the word play between Mr E and mystery – though I’m not sure what they’re implying with the name… There is a sharp contrast between the relatively slow verses and the upbeat high pitched chorus. This song definitely does evoke the feeling of a hot and humid jungle, which fits quite well with the next song also…

Mosquito is a VERY interesting song, especially lyrically. The song has a simple electric beat and is fairly talk-rap heavy, but the concept and the lyrics are very funny and mature, showing a new side to RV, and making this worth listening too. In the song, they cheekily compare the unnamed male love interest to a mosquito. I also enjoyed the pleasantly funny onomatopoeia in the chorus where Irene goes “zzzzzz” which could cleverly be either a mosquito’s buzz or a phone’s.

"When did you come into my dark room?

You’re like a mosquito…

You keep crossing the line.

The next track Hit That Drum is one of my favourites too. It’s fun and upbeat, and fittingly has a strong and lively drum beat throughout the song. The chorus is full of bright harmonies and classic RV sing-shouting. Think of this song as the cute younger sister of Super Junior’s legendary hit Bonamana. Hearing Wendy belting out “Play my drum” in the bridge was pretty hilarious too.

Blue Lemonade is a like a tall, cold drink on a hot summer’s day: fizzy, sweet and a little tangy. The sexy vocalisations at the start set the mood of the song immediately. While this track has a slower place than the rest of the songs on this album, it still has a dash of cheekiness that makes RV songs so exciting to listen to. I love the “Pop pop pop” of the drink (or the girl’s feelings) in the chorus too.

Bad Boy is my all time favourite Red Velvet title track, and I didn’t think I could get any better… Turns out, it could! The Bad Boy (English Version) is a girl power anthem, with fierce and cool lyrics. I really appreciate Red Velvet for considering their international audience and making an English version of this song.

"Coz I, I know how to make the Devil cry…

Every time I come around, ‘nother bad boy down…

Just one look from me lights out, watch them hit the ground…"

Summer Magic was an amazing compilation of songs of all different genres, with tracks that are perfect for generating a summer mood, no matter what time of year! I have literally never been disappointed by a Red Velvet album. The production quality, vocal prowess and versatility is amazing. This album just proves why Red Velvet one of Kpop’s current ruling girl groups.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 7/10

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Written by Jessica