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Somi 'Birthday' Review

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It’s safe to say that winner of IOI, aka Jeon Somi’s debut was one of the most highly anticipated Kpop debuts in recent years. Whilst it is great for Somi, it also means that listeners have very high expectations for the song. Although YG Entertainment is going through a difficult time right now, overall I was really impressed with this debut. I thought the title track fit Somi perfectly, and the music video and styling were amazing.

Birthday is a really great track, it’s the perfect youthful bop with sass. It’s catchy, quirky, cheeky and fun, with lots of interesting musical sections that keep you on your toes. The overall vibe of the song felt like a cross between Blackpink, Twice and Itzy – and of course anything like that is bound to be a major hit. The best part of this song was the beat drop in the chorus – it was totally unexpected, unique and strangely powerful. It’s got that classic high quality YG Ent/Teddy Park production feel, and when you’ve heard it once, it’s hard to forget. I can’t wait for the live performances, because I know she’s going to kill it.


The other song on this single is Outta my head, which is a catchy and calmer than the title. I also liked this track as it showcased Somi’s unique voice really well (especially her her cute half-singing-half-talking parts and her vocalisations in the bridge).

One of the best things about Kpop is girl power, and I believe that there’s always room for more talented female soloists in Kpop. I can’t wait to see what Somi does in the future, and I only pray that she will be managed well under her new label.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica