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Ultimate Christmas Playlist

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This December we bring to you 25 of our favourite Kpop songs – one for each day leading up to Christmas. They may not all be festive, but they will definitely all warm your heart!

Day 1: Candy Cane – Taeyeon (2017)

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This song is from Kpop’s ballad queen and the nation’s pride, Kim Taeyeon. Candy Cane is an unconventional Christmas track, with Taeyeon’s evocative vocals shining over an upbeat instrumental. This song is super sweet and completely addictive.

Sweeter than a candy cane
When you touch my lips
Hotter than a summer day
When you hold me

Day 2: On The Snow – EXO (2015)

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With voices as fresh as snow, EXO chase after an elusive love through wintry landscapes in that cheerful but heartbreaking way only they can. This hidden gem is sure to add sparkle to your Christmas.

Do you still remember us sparkling together

Chasing the memories that stopped on that day

Day 3: Joy – NCT Dream (2017)

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Joy is a special Christmas song by Kpop’s youthful princes NCT Dream. This track is the ultimate feel good mash up of Jingle Bells and Joy to The World – but with a Kpop twist. The members’ voices are as sweet at angels, and Mark’s flawless raps over the traditional songs make this song a certified bop.

Joy! Pull the sled

Christmas night shines even more…

We became one

Joy! Joy to the world

Day 4: The Best Thing I Ever Did – Twice (2018)

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This soft mega-hit captures the real meaning of Christmas while saying barely a word about the celebration itself. This romantic song shows a mature side to Twice and is the best soundtrack to reminisce about the year behind us.

Used to feel lonely and empty

But December is no longer lonely

The best thing I ever did

Was that I met you

Day 5: Gotta Go – Chung Ha (2019)

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Chung Ha sports serious Cinderella vibes in this icy tune – it’s just the right vibe for the winter season. She is fierce and emotive – a true princess of Kpop. Her gorgeous vocals and excellent dance moves make this an all-round stellar performance.

The stars shine more brightly

Time keeps ticking

Emotions get thicker, yeah…

Gotta go gotta go 12 o’clock

Day 6: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Wendy X Jung Jae Moon X Nile Lee (2016)

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These talented artists tease a familiar carol from a soft ballad feeling to a festive jazz tune that would put Michael Buble to tears. Taking a classic Christmas song, they make it feel like it’s an original so whether you’re doing your Christmas shopping, travelling to meet relatives or writing cards for friends, this is the perfect soundtrack to the holiday.

Through the years we all will be together

If the fates allow

Hang a shining star upon the highest bow

So have yourself a merry little Christmas now

Day 7: Wake Me Up – Taeyang (2017)

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Taeyang is one of Kpop’s best singers, and this track shows off his angelic vocals in all their glory. Wake Me Up is an ethereal ballad, with a tuneful instrumental and poignant lyrics that really tug at the heartstrings. This song is magical experience, both audibly and visually (if you haven’t seen the music video, you’ll know what I mean).

Can you hold my hand

Until this song is over?

If this is all a dream, no

I don’t ever wanna wake up

Day 8: December 2014 (The Winter’s Tale) – EXO

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This song is a stunningly sassy and sensual Christmas ballad by EXO’s main vocalists Baekhyun, Chen and D.O. It is an absolute pleasure to hear, and is sure to put you in a festive mood. You can’t really go wrong with EXO music, and hearing the vocalists nail those high notes is a treat indeed.

Oh baby, outside the frost covered window, I see you
The light spreads
And your smile as well
Another memory builds up again

Day 9: Wonderland (English ver.) – Jessica (2016)

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This fresh and laid-back track might not be about the holiday itself, but you can’t help comparing the magical paradise Jessica sings about to the fun of a snowy Christmas. The snug and snowy setting of the music video helps put you in the festive spirit, too.

Can you imagine walking on purple skies

Sitting on the clouds up high?

Oh when it happens, you’re in your paradise

The darkness in your night, you’ll see the light

Day 10: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Jaehyun

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Feast yourself on the deep and dulcet tones of NCT’s Jaehyun in his glorious cover of the classic Christmas track. Hearing his melodious vocals with such clarity is certainly a treat that is not worth missing.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on your troubles will be out of sight

Day 11: Last Christmas – SHINee (2011)

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This heart-warming throwback adds a distinctive SHINee flavour to what might be the best Christmas song of all time. Their soft voices match with a classic Kpop synth to make this a firm favourite despite its age – you’ll be touched by a cuteness even the original can’t replace!

Now, I know what a fool I’ve been

But if you kissed me now

I know you’d fool me again

Day 12: As You Wish – WJSN (2019)

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Whether you admit it or not, we all need a little sparkle in our lives. This feminine song will make you feel like you’re soaring through a starry sky. These elegant women are barely past being rookies, yet they sing with the gravitas of veteran artists. So go on, indulge in a glittering voyage through the clouds. It’ll be our little secret.

It’s beautiful, starry tonight

It goes into colour

I feel overwhelmed

Hope all your wishes will come true

Day 13: Winter Story – Laboum (2016)

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Crushed rose petals…soft white tulle….a joyous orchestra… What does that remind you of? Well to Laboum, it’s the essence of the festive season. This wintry song jumped straight out of a Disney film. It’s full of romance, beauty and the magic of Christmas that never quite gets old. If that fairytale girl group sound is just what you need, give this a listen.

Turning back time that has frozen in a fairy tale
My heart is going next to yours
If we kiss like the days long ago
I pray that our love will awaken

Day 14: Confession Song – GOT7 (2015)

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This song is the warm cup of hot chocolate that awaits you after a long day. In it, Got7 confess in sweetest and most simple way – with the words ‘I love you’. If that isn’t enough to make this a holiday staple, the soft tinkling of sleigh bells in the background certainly will. Who cares if it’s a little cheesy? Sometimes those three words are all we need to make our Christmas.

You may not feel the same way as I do
I may never see you again, that’s what I’m afraid of
Don’t have the courage to tell you
With this song let me open my heart to you​

Day 15: First Kiss – Sonamoo (2016)

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The perfect first kiss…one that you dreamt of for the longest time that turned out to be more magical that you could ever have expected. Isn’t that the ideal subject for a song this time of year? First Kiss is as sweet and gentle as its concept. Though the backing music would sound a little outdated today, it gives the perfect retro feel to tell an age-old story like this one.

First kiss with you, a dream-like first kiss
I feel like I’m flying among the stars
My heart that has grown like the clouds
I want to give to you​

Day 15: EXO – Unfair (2015)

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How could I go so long without mentioning this song? It comforts me in restless times, celebrates the best things with me, sings me to sleep and dreams with me of love to come. Does a song more sweet, more innocent, more charming exist in the world? At the most magical time of the year, a simple song isn’t good enough. You need a friend.

I know it’s unfair
Am I being selfish? (stop it)
Your eyes, your nose, your lips
I wanna be the only one who looks at you​

Day 17: Super Junior – White Christmas (2011)

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Does it ever seem like all good Christmas songs were made centuries ago? Super Junior can put your heart at rest. With that trademark touch of comedy and a good serving of ‘Don’t Don’ style rock guitar, they made a new tradition. Don’t be put off by the date stamp! With the simple innocence that keeps them forever young, this song will kick others off your playlist for sure. Is it just me, or do you somehow tear up listening to this as well?

The weather report says it will snow
But it’s been wrong for so many years
The whole world will be expecting it
Expecting snow on Christmas Day​

Day 18: With You – Red Velvet (2018)

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Red Velvet are known as the Kpop queens of summer, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about the festive season. With You is a heartwarming song that features their impressive voices blending together perfectly in this happy ballad. This is not your usual holiday track – here the concept is Christmas in the summer. Now THAT is a mind boggling idea!

When I’m with you, It’s like Christmas in summer…

Santa, if you are real, I have a wish, Please let us be together

For the rest of the summers to come

Written by Jessica and Krystal