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WayV 'Take Over The Moon' EP Review

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Straight from the outset, SM’s newest subunit show off a variety of song styles with an expert ease. At times the album rushes ahead and at other times glides tearfully along. They still have a long way to go to reach the level of their seniors, but their fresh energy and talent rings in every word.

From the second that soft piano creeps into your ears, you are transported into the infinite vacuum of space. When Yang Yang’s powerful rap hits your ears, you can feel lunar rock crunching beneath your feet and by the time Xiaojun hits his legendary high note, Earth is just a distant memory. Moonwalk is an all-inclusive space voyage, full of enough energy to transport you to the moon. WayV still have a lot of perfecting to do, but they make up for it all with their addictive spirit. Like a fast-paced adventure game, you can’t help but replay it again and again.

In Yeah Yeah Yeah, WayV send out waves of energy and motivation to anyone listening. It’s the kind of song that could get you to do that task you’ve been putting off, to take charge. It has to be said that the masculine energy gets a little overpowering at times, but thankfully the more melodious pre-chorus sets things straight. You can tell this is a song they really identify with, and that makes it an extra push to get you through the day.

The more tired I am, the happier I am

The harder it gets, it becomes even more worth it

In smooth, layered singing and cheeky rap, WayV tease their international lover out at dusk. Love Talk is mature, unexpected and unthinkably sexy. In an MV that’s as unassuming as the song is daring, they show a never-before-seen side to their group, proving that they’re willing to push the boundaries into the outrageous. Its English lyrics are as amusing and memorable as Regular’s, making singing along a necessity.

Baby we’re two distant strangers

I know you don’t speak my language

But I love the way she’s talking to me

WayV have proved they can make us want to party, but the stormy King of Hearts was something new altogether. With the restless longing of Mino’s ‘Body’, Love Talk’s mysterious older brother reveals a decidedly grown-up side to Asia’s favourite rookies. It isn’t all smooth harmonies, though. In deep whispers, the rappers deliver an invaluable change of pace. Yang Yang and Lucas’s sultry final lines are a definite highlight.

I’m almost at my limit

How many nights have I spent thinking of you, attention focused

We should be together you should know

It’s no wonder Face to Face could make the lip of the strongest tremble: the promise to be better to those you take for granted is one we’ve all made at one point or another. What had the greatest impact on me was how honest they sounded; it’s one thing to sing a sad song and another to really mean it. Real pain rings through in their voices, and that’s why I won’t forget this one soon.

Ears listening a little more attentively

Hugging a little more sincerely

I will realize those beautiful dreams with you

Compared to feel-good hits like EXO-CBX’s ‘Hey Mama’ and Pentagon’s ‘Shine’ We go nanana is a little lukewarm. That said, it’s a fresh, enjoyable track, so who’s complaining? This album was meticulously crafted, and you can sense that effort right to its end.

There’s billions of ways to feel love

With you, I don’t need any reason

Just let the fireworks fly up and bloom in the sky

These hardworking artists have a long path left to climb, but this is a more convincing start than I ever could have hoped for.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Krystal