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Winner '뜸 (Hold)' Review

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Winner’s back! I am happy to announce that the witty, edgy and insanely unique Winner have returned to us, rearing and ready to go. I must say that although I did like their 2019 title tracks “Ah Yeah” and “So So”, I couldn’t help but be a little bit disappointed by them. I felt that these songs didn’t live up to the overall musical quality of Winner’s previous hits, such as “Empty” and “Really Really”. However, with their pre-release single “Hold”, I am happy to say that Winner seem to have regained their mojo.

This song is cheerful and catchy, with elements of rock, pop and EDM all mixed into a wonderful bundle. The song features clever and hilarious raps from Mino and Hoony, as well as stellar vocals from the group’s leader Yoon, particularly in the song’s pre-chorus. In true Winner style, the lyrics are bittersweet. But pathos is something that the group does so well.

The music video itself is adorable and hilarious. It features the four Winner members as older brothers to label mate Suhyun. In the video, they tease their “sister” for having a boyfriend, who is portrayed in various forms of the members themselves. What I love about the group this time is that they have no qualms about looking silly and setting aside their handsome male idol personas. The choreography, which came to member Mino in a dream, is just as hilarious and quirky as the everything else.

This song makes me very excited for the full album Remember, which will be released on April 9th 2020. See you then for the full review!

Kpop Review Café’s Ranking: 6.5/10

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Written by Jessica