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AOA – Five Essential Tracks

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AOA are elegant, sexy and incredible singers: basically, there’s nothing you won’t love about them. Whatever your taste, their songs are simply above the average. Their unique flavour of music has captured millions of hearts, and if you listen to these songs, you’ll fall for them too. Here are their 5 Essential Tracks.

5. Bingle Bangle

AOA ruled the summer with this irresistible song. With not one boring second, they showed us their fun side and got the attention of the world. Upbeat, cheerful and melodious, this vocal wonder gets you up dancing and fills even the cloudiest day with sunshine.

A world where the sun never sets and the fun never ends. I know where I’m going on holiday.

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4. Miniskirt

They showed us an entirely different side of them with this smooth masterpiece. The dance for this song is iconic, like everything else about it. Their sultry tones create a lush, mysterious atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else. With their soft voices they transport you to a warm cafe so realistic you can almost smell the coffee aroma….

If AOA said ‘Hey’, don’t tell me you wouldn’t reply.

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3. Excuse Me

Excuse Me embodies AOA as a whole. The dance may be sweet, but the song is sexy and refined to the core. Every tune in this great track keeps you on the edge of your seat – not to mention Jimin’s sassy rap that makes you feel like a queen.

Excuse me, your favourite song coming through…

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2. Heart Attack

Are you ready for their fierce side? Heart Attack is both incredibly fun and deadly serious. The melodies here are absolutely unique and just as unforgettable. This song should be used as an example to teach people what songs should sound like. As you can imagine, it seriously hurt to put this at No. 2.

I don’t know about a heart attack, but my heart did burst listening to this song.

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1. Like A Cat

Finally, the most iconic AOA song in existence. If there is one song you listen to, make it this. From the jaw-dropping chorus to the live stage so sexy it should be illegal, this comeback changed the world in an undeniable way.

Like A Cat is good, hot, fresh and fly, so go and give it a listen now.

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Written by Krystal