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Itzy ‘It’z Icy’ Album Review

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Itzy’s debut DALLA DALLA was a mega hit, leaving no doubt as to their immense talent. However, it’s well known that groups’ first albums don’t tend to be as musically well-rounded as their later work, so I wasn’t disappointed even though there are only three new songs which are quite similar.

You can call ICY many things: harsh, challenging, even discordant, but one thing it is not, is boring. In my opinion, music that’s easy listening will wear out too soon so I think the experimental sound of ICY was exactly what Kpop needed. Their powerful voices shone amongst intense percussion, with an uplifting pre-chorus and a memorable chorus. It sends a glowing message to be yourself in the same way ITZY are by making this unusual song. There might be a lot of shouting, but that’s alright because there’s just as much potential. Sure, you would have to be deaf to not hear its similarity to DALLA DALLA, but I understand that they found something that worked and intended to pursue that. As long as they change it up in the future, they’re on the right track in my opinion.

CHERRY starts out sounding identical to NCT’s ‘Baby Don’t Stop’, but takes on its own fierce personality soon enough. A hip-hop concept was quite adventurous for them as they aren’t rappers, but the song is bad-ass and catchy in all the right ways so it isn’t hard to forgive them. The chorus does follow the overused say-a-word-then-have-music format, but this is made up by the awesome tune. Though this song couldn’t be called groundbreaking, they did an excellent job of it and that matters most.

If you were hoping for a change of style with IT’z SUMMER, you’ll be disappointed. Alternatively, if you were looking for a fun dance song to make you feel on the top of the world, you definitely won’t be. I know I wasn’t. It’s upbeat and motivational, charismatic and well put together, with a bridge that’s very shouty but somehow perfect. What more could we ask for?

The DALLA DALLA remix is amazing. The question is whether or not that’s because it’s anything special, or simply because DALLA DALLA is amazing. I’m sorry to say it’s the latter. The remix is extremely similar to the original song, simply with a more quirky feel and the beat overpowering the singing. It’s not bad, it’s just that you may as well just stick to the original.

I hope you like remixes, because that wasn’t the last. We are now met with the Want it? remix. This is the polar opposite of the remix before. The atmosphere of this song is completely different to that of the original. It’s a powerful machine of destruction whereas Want it? was an uplifting safari. With the brass strength of Blackpink’s ‘Kill This Love’, it’s not hard to see why ITZY would want to have a song like this. Whether you think it’s too harsh or not, you can’t deny its charm and emotional intensity.

This album may not be the most musically elegant or artfully structured out there, but it’s a great listen and an impressive effort. Well done ITZY!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 5.5/10

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Written by Jessica