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Best of Kpop August 2019

· Monthly Best

5. Lalalay – Sunmi

This song is as confusing as it is exciting! There are so many twists and turns, and the chorus is especially haunting. Sunmi’s electric personality is what makes this song so unforgettable.

4. Tiki Taka – Weki Meki

Tiki Taka is a fierce yet cute summer bop from Kpop’s princesses Weki Meki. The chorus is unique and bound to get you dancing. This song has top quality singing and the performances are definitely worth watching.

3. Call Anytime – Jinu (Winner)

Jinu’s solo debut has a classy laid back aesthetic, which is perfect for setting the mood as we slip into autumn. This song has that typical Winner feel, and Mino’s raps infuse an exciting flavour into the track.

2. Bungee – Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl is the gift that keeps on giving. Bungee is fun, catchy and super sweet. The vocals and choreography are very impressive, and the members’ cheerful attitudes are infectious.

1. Umpah Umpah – Red Velvet

Our quirky queens are back at it again with another smash hit! Umpah Umpah’s glorious melodies, catchy chorus and slick raps will be seared onto your heart forever. This really is an unforgettable RV summer.

Written by Jessica