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KHAN ‘I’m Your Girl?’ Review

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Many people look for ‘hidden gems’ in Kpop, and after searching long and hard without results, I’d started to believe that without big money there could not be found good music. I’m Your Girl? came to me like a miracle. KHAN showcase dark, dreamy vocals and haunting harmonies in a song produced more cleanly than many more popular ones. In the start, it’s the tune that catches you, but makes you stay is the depth and maturity of the emotions they communicate.

The vocals of this song are so good they surprise me every time – this really is a song that gets better with each listen. The MV has the soft, deep colour of the song, as the two girls go about their busy lives in secret unhappiness, much like WINNER’s ‘Baby Baby’ MV.

The dance is tight and surprisingly eyecatching, and their harmony as a pair is clear to see. In their lyrics, they show the spiralling confusion that comes with uncertainty about their relationship, and though they aren’t original, they are certainly effective.

“I don’t really know

What is this meaningless thing?

I want the real thing

Everyday everyday everyday everyday

I do not know where to go, every day I’m nervous”

If you are looking for a song that’s both emotional and easy to listen to, this is the one for you. I hope to hear more music from them in the future.

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Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 5.5/10

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Written by Krystal