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Best of Kpop July 2019

· Monthly Best

5. Humph! – Pentagon

This song evokes the youthful, boyish yet slightly edgy atmosphere created in Pentagon’s older hits. The lyrics and theme of the song are unique and especially charming. This song is super catchy, so don’t be shocked if you find yourself humming it!

4. I’m on Fire (feat. Blue.D) – Eun Ji Won (SechsKies)


This song has a kickass beat, a killer vibe, witty lyrics and not to mention an awesome featuring artist. Fire takes be back to the good old days of Korean hip hop, and sheds some (much needed) good light onto the K-pop powerhouse, YG Entertainment.

3. Room Shaker – Ailee

Ailee is back, sporting impressive girl power energy, and ready to get you up on your feet. Room Shaker is a fantastic bop, with a catchy chorus and a banging base line. This song makes you feel so bad ass; it is definitely one for blasting out of your speakers

2. What a life – EXO-SC

The bad boys of EXO really struck gold with this song! What a life is a classic summer anthem, with a youthful and upbeat feel. Their rap, their moves, their presence – everything was on top form!

1. UN Village – Baekhyun (EXO)

The top song for this month goes to Baekhyun’s impressive solo debut, UN Village. This song is memorable, super sexy and experimental. Baekhyun’s vocals are sexy and charismatic, as per usual. UN village’s groovy beat brings out the best in Baekhyun, and EXO-Ls are living for it.

Written by Jessica