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BIBI ‘Binu’ Review

· B

Bibi made a personality-filled and exciting debut this May. Bibi’s Binu (meaning soap) might appear to be a helpful song instructing good hygiene, but is in fact much deeper. Featuring smooth, catchy tunes and rhythmic rap, Binu is at times introspective, witty, sweet, sarcastic, and now and then just hopeful. The melody, though simple, is actually addictive in its lulling repetition, and the choruses slip seamlessly into funny, succinct song-rap sections.

But what makes this trendy song special is its unique and poignant meaning. Bibi talks about struggling to find a way to clean herself of people’s judgment and ‘yesterday’s bad decisions’, contrastingly showered with praise once naked and ‘pure’. To finish, she amusingly concludes that we should all use each morning to wash all our ‘bad thoughts’ off with soap. The music video shows the strange yet sassy Bibi chilling out in baths of orange balls and bubblewrap. It’s pretty eye-catching!

“The lie I tell today and the bad decision of yesterday

Do you know how I keep myself clear?

I wash them off with soap”

Kpop Overall Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 6/10

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