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BIGBANG – Five Essential Tracks

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BIGBANG will always be my ultimate Kpop group. They were the first Kpop group I ever discovered, and for that I owe them everything. It really doesn’t get better than BIGBANG, so if you’re not already a V.I.P, then you’re missing out. It was very difficult to choose only five essential songs – but here’s what I think.

5. FXXK IT (2016)

FXXK IT was the climax song to the masterpiece that was the MADE album. This song propelled the album from outstanding to literal legend. I absolutely cannot get enough of this song, it perfectly displays BIGBANG in all their glory, from Taeyang’s angelic voice to T.O.P’s unforgettable rap.

Sing, dance, laugh, cry, party, love… you can do it all with this song.

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4. Blue (2012)

Although BIGBANG are known for their incredible party songs, they also make some of the best ballads in the industry. They have so much melancholy, and with Blue you too can taste the bittersweet love and heartbreak that inspired G-DRAGON to write this treasure. Although it may be a ballad, Blue still has that classic BIGBANG style – so don’t fret, you won’t get bored.

This song will have you missing the boyfriend you never even had – THAT is the power of Blue.

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3. Sober (2016)

I don’t really know why Sober struck such a deep chord in me, but from the moment I first heard it, I knew I would never hear another song with such a unique colour. BIGBANG really outdid themselves with this track – they reached a level of craziness, pathos and talent that I didn’t even know they had… and they’re BIGBANG!

G-DRAGON invented crying in the club with this song – no one can tell me otherwise.

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2. Loser (2015)

How do I even begin to describe the LITERAL perfection that is the song Loser? I know I have given BIGBANG an extraordinary amount of compliments, but they literally have never released a bad song, so they definitely deserve it. There are no words that accurately sum up how tragically beautiful this song is – you just have to listen for yourself.

Get ready to pledge away your firstborn to BIGBANG after you hear this song.

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1. Fantastic Baby (2012)

As soon as you hear the only and only G-DRAGON say “Yeogi buteora” (여기 붙어라 translation: come together) at the start of Fantastic Baby, I guarantee you will drop whatever you’re doing and SCREAM, because you know you’re in for the best 4 minutes of your life. This song is lyrical and musical genius – the king of ALL party songs. Not to mention, it has the best pre chorus in ALL EXISTENCE. I honestly challenge you to find a better party song than this – I guarantee you will fail.

After you hear this song, you too will want BOOM SHAKALAKA written on your gravestone.

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Written by Jessica