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Red Velvet - Five Essential Tracks

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Red Velvet have everything you need in a group: spirit, sass, skill & soulful singing. Practically every song they’ve made has been a mega-hit, so whatever song you search, you’ll hit gold. But if you really want to find the cream of the crop, you’ll find these songs perfect for you.

5. Dumb Dumb

Dumb Dumb is the essence of Red Velvet’s powerful doll concept, and it’ll have you jumping up and down at its incredible vocals and sassy yet strong melody. You really are transported to another world experiencing the futuristic wonderland feeling of this half-rap half-sung masterpiece.

Catchy tunes, crazy dolls and a fantastic beat: basically all your requirements for your next favourite song.

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4. Ice Cream Cake

If Dumb Dumb’s a little crazy, then Ice Cream Cake is off the charts! From its unique and incredible concept to the literal ice cream truck music that starts this song off, this really is a strawberry-fudge-cake-with-whipped-cream kind of song. Despite the kiddy concept, this song is both cheeky and empowering – get ready for the best brain freeze of your life!

Feeling like an ice cream sundae AND an unforgettable bop? Get a two-in-one with this unique song.

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3. Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is just as charismatic and uplifting as the other songs on this list, but with an added melodious feel that’s like a ray of sunshine in the depths of November. You’ll be singing these ‘la la la’s everywhere you go, that’s for sure. Even the guitar solo in this song has more personality than most things you’re listening to right now.

I assure you that this magical track will beat your favourites – Take the challenge if you dare

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2. Really Bad Boy (RBB)

The harmonies Red Velvet experimented with Really Bad Boy were like nothing they’d ever done before. A juxtaposition of a hundred different melodies layered on a dangerously exciting beat along with cheeky and exciting rap all made in TWO languages to reach the climax of a real life scream can be found nowhere else.

Ever experienced a Halloween party in a safari at midnight? If so, this song will feel pretty similar.

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1. Bad Boy

Bad Boy is that melted-chocolate elegance-filled R&B song that you didn’t know you needed. A global hit, this song has proved its worth time and time again with its irresistible quality and charisma, along with tunes so memorable that they play in every Reveluv’s head almost constantly.

If there’s one song you need to hear, it’s this. Don’t be a Bad Boy and miss out on the best listening experience you will ever have…

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Written by Krystal