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BLACKPINK Jennie – ‘SOLO’ Review

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I have adored Jennie from the day BLACKPINK debuted, as her fierce and feminine charisma on and off stage have hooked me from the start. But as I continued to listen to Solo I found myself struggling to understand how someone with so much potential could make a song so fundamentally disappointing. That’s not to say that there aren’t any good points (for instance, the concept photos I really enjoyed), but I just couldn’t deny that musically (and in other aspects), I expected worlds more from YG’s new favourite idol.

To start with, the song has a laughably thin texture, even in the final chorus which contains the ‘dance break’. The concept for the lyrics could have been really interesting, but the repetitive and tired tune of the verses doesn’t allow for much lyrical genius. (Let’s not forget that the chorus contains two words exactly). At least, after the chorus, we have the only decent part of the song (the rap) which is actually pretty melodious and witty. But just when you felt like maybe this song wasn’t going to be so bad, you’re hit with one of the most uninspiring, samey bridges I’ve ever heard. Not only does it barely vary from the same rhythm, there is barely any build up to the last chorus, and even when it does come, the thin feeling of the beat turns it into a huge anti-climax. I’m sad to say that I enjoy this less and less as I listen to it more, as the cheap sounds become really boring really quickly.

Aside from the song, I was so annoyed watching the dance that is so simple it seemed the first time like maybe it was just a freestyle. Even in the famed last chorus, there are maybe 5 seconds where the dance reaches the appropriate level of intensity to be vaguely interesting. One of the things that sets K-pop apart is the amazing dance idols always deliver, so I couldn’t really be more disappointed.

Overall, I just wish that YG had put in a little more effort and artistry into this comeback, but I trust in Jennie’s talent and just hope she’ll get a better deal next time.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 3/10

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