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Red Velvet 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)' Album Review

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When I first heard the name Really Bad Boy, I was skeptical because of it’s similarity to Red Velvet’s older hit Bad Boy, but it turned out to be really different and much more intense than Bad Boy, whilst still maintaining that classic Red Velvet feel. This album is perfect because it’s not just experimental – it’s also enjoyable and exciting.

The title song, RBB (Really Bad Boy) is super mad and exciting, from the addictive beat to the powerful vocals, yet is still easy to listen to at any time. It has lots of layers all throughout the song and that makes it something you can listen to 100 times without getting bored. Wendy is really good because her vocalisations are perfect in this song. The screams are so unexpected and cute as well! Each part of the song is so exciting that you wait eagerly for the next repeat every time.

The next song is Butterflies. Their voices are really mesmerising and so interesting to listen to that it’s basically impossible to get bored. The contrast of each member’s voice makes it really varied. I love how this song is really sweet and dreamy so it’s different to RBB, but it still has that slightly crazy, edgy feel to it.

Next up we have So Good. I love sassy songs like this because they are so rhythmic and charming, as well as being something you can dance to. I love the pre-chorus the most – the build up is so strong! The verses and pre-chorus are so good that I was slightly disappointed with the chorus – maybe I was expecting a thicker texture? Despite that, this is still an amazing song to listen to. (Special mention to Wendy’s vocals…)

Now it’s my favourite non-title track: Sassy Me!!! The verse starts off with those awesome weird voice-edit sections and this crazy feeling, then suddenly you get this random cyborg-barbie themed pre-chorus, immediately followed by this upbeat chorus that feels like you’ve been transported back to Red Summer! It’s the mad variety of this song that makes it a favourite. This song reminds me that NCT and Red Velvet are in the same company…

The next song is Taste. Obviously, I was first struck by Wendy’s charismatic ‘there are many tastes in the world’! But even after that, the chilled yet upbeat feel of this smooth caramel-like song is addictive. It’s catchy and wholesome the whole way through, as well as being varied in a way that means you are always looking forward to the next part. A great song all round.

Finally, RBB English Ver. I just have to mention that the lyrics are so perfect and flow really well, and I just love Irene’s ‘plays with hearts instead of playing with his toys’ line because it fits so perfectly with Red Velvet’s creepy doll concept. This song might even be better in English!

Overall, this was an inspiring and unusual yet wholesome album which will I am sure I will be listening to for months to come.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 7/10

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Written by Jessica