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Chung Ha ‘Flourishing’ Mini Album Review

· C

Chung Ha has started off the summer with a bang and I have to say it’s about time! She turned heads with her previous song ‘Gotta Go’ and Snapping is even fiercer, even more catchy. In her MV she hit us with a fierce ice queen concept mixed with a sassy ‘squad goals’ feeling elsewhere and even a few eye-catching Vogue-esque runway scenes. The dance is incredible also!

Chica takes a trendy ‘latin’-style beat and mixes it with inspirational tunes and lyrics that bring back Little Mix’s ‘Wings’. It’s dance-worthy, uplifting, and when injected with a voice like Chung Ha’s, how can it not be great? The beat is just as rich as the title’s (which is pleasing because sometimes it seems that artists stop trying after their title track!). The motivational lyrics alongside the catchy ‘Chica, chica’ make this punchy song unstoppable.

The next track, Young in Love is a feel-good, summery song that has an intense beat and is generally perfect for a relaxing, sunny afternoon. Though nothing like Snapping, this song is sassy and sweet on the ears of course.

Suddenly we are hit with a hard-core ballad – Call it Love. Chungha’s powerful vocals sail through this song’s difficult notes with ease, and the unusual notes here and there mixed with the lovely ‘I call it love’s in the chorus make this song really nice to listen to. Personally though, I don’t really feel like a super traditional ballad was the right fit for this trendy, electronic album. Chungha is someone who sings about ‘doing my own thing’, so why did she do this very template-friendly song right here? It’s a great song, but maybe for someone else.

Finally the album’s name makes sense with Flourishing. This song is surprisingly all in English (featuring cool lyrics that all international fans will appreciate). This is no easy listen I warn you, but if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, you’ll find this song awesome to unravel with each listen. It’s deep, magical and pretty damn catchy! The best part by far is the bridge where you hear these haunting harmonized voices and the line ‘I’ll burn the records’ with this unexpected break till the chorus comes back swaggier than ever! This song proves Chung Ha is Kpop’s Ariana Grande.

From the very first second, the electronic, crazy Snapping hits you with intense force. The song is luxuriously complex and full-sounding and Chung Ha’s piercing voice is impossible to forget. Just like the song’s meaning, it snaps from being lush and sexy to ice-cold and intense to the most dance-worthy bop of the season. By the chorus you think you have its mad mix of emotions down when she hits you with this stylish, refined yet swaggy post-chorus section that is the main thing that sets the song apart.

“Snapping snapping, trying to close my eyes, Snapping snapping, throwing away my tired heart.

With twisted movements, Even if I steal you for a moment, Snapping snapping I’ll let you go”

Chung Ha never fails to please, and this album was no exception. I hope she’ll continue working hard and make many songs like this and better in the future!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 6.5/10

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Written by Krystal