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(G)I-DLE ‘Uh-Oh’ Review

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(G)I-DLE is back with their summer bop ‘Uh-Oh’. The teaser pictures and videos were so good that they generated a lot of hype for this comeback.

What I love about (G)I-DLE is how they completely switch up their concept for every comeback, proving that they are the queens of versatility. This time we see the girls trying out a “biker/denim bad girl” concept, and I can confirm that they certainly slayed it. I am in love with their outfits and styling, especially Minnie’s, who has completely transformed. Uh-Oh gives me EXID’s Lady vibes, and they are badass, laid back and swagger-filled.

The song itself is just alright, to be honest I was expecting something more catchy, but I certainly do think that this is the type of song that will grow on me. I have to say I enjoyed hearing Soeyeon’s unique singing voice at the start of the song, and she literally spat fire in her rap section (if you watch the music video, you’ll see what I mean). I found the pre-chorus to be a little repetitive, and the chorus wasn’t punchy, though that may have been their intention.

Although I enjoyed this song, I still prefer (G)I-DLE’s older discography, especially the summer of 2018’s superstar: Hann. I have to say I am really impressed by (G)I-DLE as a group – it’s safe to say that they are “monster rookies”, and what makes them so special is that the majority of their songs are composed by their leader Soyeon. This is a rare find in Kpop, and must be treasured. I can’t wait to see (G)I-DLE do in the future!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 5/10

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Written by Jessica