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CL 'In The Name of Love 1' Single Review

· C

CL has finally returned to the music scene as a soloist, after an extended hiatus and her long overdue separation from YG Entertainment.

+DONE161201+ is an emotional song with meaningful lyrics. In it, CL speaks of leaving her old self and relationships behind and moving on with her life. I’ve missed her characteristic rough voice belting out strong notes, and in this powerful song she certainly doesn’t disappoint. Let’s not forget that CL is a rapper after all, and hearing her break out into rap on this track was the highlight. The music video is cute and unique – it’s filmed on smartphones with CL’s friends lip-syncing the lyrics. Seeing Bom Minzy Dara featuring is sure to make any Blackjack’s heart swell.

CL bears her soul on +REWIND170205+, a slower tempo and more EDM based song. It is emotional but maintains a heavy base line. CL’s vocals are emotive and her rap is raw. The lyrics are particularly poignant – it seems she’s really looking for a fresh start. The music video is filled with photos of her with dear friends and family, especially touching was the picture of 2NE1 as a completed four.

I’m sure I speak for all GZBs when I say that I am truly happy for CL and wish her only success!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica