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Kpop Ultimate Feel Good Playlist – Boy Group Version

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5. Just Right – GOT7 (2015)

This song is one of GOT7’s older gems – it is filled with adorable raps and stellar vocals. The chorus is super catchy and perfect for anyone to sing along to. The song has a sweet meaning, a brightly colourful music video and an iconic choreography – when you’re going through hard times, this is the song to listen to.

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4. Crown – TXT (2019)

This song is bursting to the brim with joy. It has a youthful energy which is absolutely contagious and guaranteed to lift your mood. The dance is incredible – definitely one to watch. Also, for a debut song it is very impressive!

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3. Love Me Right – EXO (2015)

EXO is truly stunning group – their angelic vocals, impressive dance moves, catchy raps and charming personalities are sure to make you happy regardless of which one of their songs you are listening to. However, Love Me Right in particular is filled with a delightful brand of addictive optimism. Catch yourself singing the lyrics everywhere you go.

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2. Really Really – Winner (2017)

The release of Really Really marked the beginning of a new era for Winner. With it, they brought a wave of hope and happiness. As per classic Winner style, this song strikes the perfect balance between the group’s formidable rappers rapping and their talented singers singing. This song is the perfect escape from the dark and gloomy world, it will get you smiling and up on your feet for sure.

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1. My First and Last – NCT Dream (2017)

Dream are the babies of NCT, and even though they have matured now, this song represents their original happy, cute and youthful concept perfectly. The concept is absolutely adorable and the lyrics are so endearing. “Just because it’s my first time doesn’t mean I don’t know … I’m taking the opportunity to make my first love last till the end”. I challenge you not to fall in love with NCT Dream after listening to this song, I am sure you will fail.

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Written by Jessica