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GD & TOP (BIGBANG) ‘GD & TOP’ Album Review

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Though this album was released all the way back in 2010, I had an urge to review it because it’s such an amazing collection of really classic songs and generally a lot of fun to listen to every time. The BIGBANG subunit consisting of G-DRAGON & T.O.P is always comical yet charismatic, and this awesome album is no exception. It holds a harmonious mix of solo and joint songs, and each one is full to bursting with personality.

The album starts off with an Intro. It’s really uplifting and exciting, and makes you really interested to listen on (which is the point of an intro anyway). They both rap in their signature styles, and hearing the contrast between them is what makes this so exciting.

Next up is High High. This is a energetic party classic that has such a complex beat and yet such a simple tune that it makes it perfect for dancing to. They have some really funny lyrics in this song (a very GD & TOP thing to have), such as the ‘Jump up high like ninja’ line from GD. Also, I must mention the ‘Ha ha ha ha ha’ part because it is so unique and addictive to sing along to. Overall, this song is fierce, fun and unforgettable because of it.

This is immediately followed by Oh Yeah, another classic for sure. It’s just as upbeat as High High, but also melodious and sweet. Their rap parts flow effortlessly with the beat and create a laid-back atmosphere. Park Bom’s part is beautiful and she fits the song perfectly; the relationship between the rappers and the singer when they sing together is especially nice. My favourite part of this song is when the two rappers sing Bom’s part as a bridge: it’s such a sweet thing to do and really ties everything together.

The only song that could truly continue the atmosphere created by these songs is Don’t Leave. It’s such a sweet song that it takes you by surprise as it goes against GD & TOP’s concept, but still contains that rhythmic rap that you’ve come to know so well. One of the things that makes this album so good is how much they change up the concepts of each song, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with this song. I have to especially mention the weird mouth-noises that come after the second chorus – they’re weird but somehow cool!

Next up we have one of my favoured tracks: Baby Goodnight. This song perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere of the evening, and is really immersive; you don’t have to be doing anything else to be engaged when you’re listening to this song. The way the layers of TOP’s rap and GD’s singing come together is really smooth and harmonious. The beat is just varied enough to be exciting and just slow enough to communicate the song’s meaning. The french lines at both ends of this song are really effective because they show you that luxurious feeling that the song was meant to communicate.

Next you’re woken up abruptly by Knock Out. This song simultaneously cracks me up and is my jam for all situations. You can laugh at this all you want, but you’re still hooked from the first listen. Hearing TOP singing makes for a refreshing change and GD’s more hyped rap in this is really well placed. If you’re not dancing to this song, you won’t dance to anything.

After this comes TOP’s first solo: Oh Mom. I practically fell off my chair the first time I heard this unbelievably different song. It starts off with crazy rock guitar, and continues with this madly auto tuned voice editing, and somehow everything comes together to form a pretty amazing song. I’m continuously impressed by how amazingly versatile GD and TOP are as artists: they did create all these different genre songs in one album! This song is moody and intense and essentially everything the album needs.

Then GD gets his first solo as well: Obsession. From the first second the unusual beat catches your attention, and the deep, extremely GD-style song does not disappoint. It’s catchy in an inexplicable way, and the unique tune really sucks you in. The electric guitar solo is again unexpected, but fits surprisingly well with the brooding emotion of this song. It’s probably one of the most emotive songs on this album, so that gives it a lot of power.

Then we have TOP’s song: Of All Days. It’s quite emotional and just as immersive as Obsession. His singing is actually really good and the beat of this song is really varied and exciting. He really delivers on his rap as well: communicating the intense emotions of this song in a cool way.

What Do You Want is GD’s hilariously melodious serenade to the life of a rejected cowboy. He uses his signature whiney vocals and falsetto to perfectly act the part of someone annoyed by being rejected. It’s such a fun and different song – and I never realised I would hear GD scatting!! From start to finish, this comical song is a party to listen to.

Then we have what’s probably my favourite song on this album, TOP’s Turn It Up. This was obviously written partly as a joke, but somehow TOP is being completely serious in his cocky and fun rap about his music basically being irresistible. The unforgettable drum beat that goes the whole way through this song mixes with his inspired rap to make an unmissable bop. The ‘Bingu’s not here’ line makes me laugh every time, and the ‘Ao Ao’s in the last chorus are so fun and extremely GD & TOP.

Overall I can really find nothing bad to say about this experimental, well-rounded and daring album except that it’s always a shame when it ends!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 8.5/10

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Written by Krystal