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T.O.P (BIGBANG) 'Doom Dada' Review

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T.O.P is BIGBANG’s resident art connoisseur, rapper, hyung, bingu and stunning visual. The raps he delivers in BIGBANG songs are witty, catchy and impressively delivered. There is no doubting his talent. DOOM DADA is one of the few solo songs that T.O.P has released and it’s evident that he has gone for quality over quantity; this song absolutely incredible (but alas it is one of few!).

DOOM DADA is an absolutely legendary song, a MUST listen for Kpop fans. It really breaks the mould for what it means to be Kpop, and it is T.O.P’s own eccentric take on the hip-hop/rap genre.

The song is darkly comical and sexy in a completely unconventional way, it’s clear T.O.P has really upped his artistic game. When you hear the distinctive “la la las” in the instrumental and his deep voice saying “Long time no see”, I guarantee your heart will race. His raps are out of this world – the flow constantly changes, the pace is exhilarating and the onomatopoeia is legendary.

The chorus of this song “DOOM DA DA DIVI DA DA” is almost like a ritualistic chant. Honestly every time I hear the killer fast pace rap after “Mass media” I am shocked, because I literally can’t comprehend how he managed to spit such fire so fast – I can barely read as fast as he raps! The only other song that made me feel this way was Eminem’s Rap God (so I think that’s quite a big compliment).

The music video (and the man himself) is literal art. The audiovisual experience that is DOOM DADA is absolutely stunning overall, with just enough hilarious weirdness to make you remember that this is bingu T.O.P we are dealing with.

T.O.P has the power to convert even the greatest of Kpop critics into his loyal fans. So if you aren’t already a V.I.P, step up your game.

Kpop Review Café’s Song Ranking: 9/10

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Written by Jessica