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Girls’ Generation – 6th Album ‘Holiday Night’ Review

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Reasons: It is both full of pathos and really youthful. It combines heartbreaking laments of lost love and shining party bops in a glittery bundle of musical quality. Every song speaks of memories and how they have matured as artists, but they somehow maintain the fresh sparkle of a rookie group.


The first song, Girls Are Back is amazing because it is so shockingly good and has a vintage feel as well as incredible vocals. It seems to perfectly encapsulate the personality of Girls’ Generation and feels like you are partying with them.

This song is immediately followed by All Night, which is THE BEST in my opinion, because not only is it very catchy, but it has an addictive rap and the chorus is a party with surprisingly dark undertones. The dance break section is very shockingly modern and really breaks SNSD’s usual style of music with unusual sound bites. This song is a 10/10!

After this, we get Holiday, the title track which showcases TTS’s incredible vocals in a glitzy, upbeat track. The middle chorus part is amazing because it adds a completely different slow part to the chorus to make sure it isn’t too repetitive and showcase Taeyeon’s vocals. This is an amazing song and definitely one of my favourites. The end is perpetually stuck in my head!

The next track, FAN, is perfect, because the strange tunes and chords in the chorus are very refreshing and keep you at the edge of your seat. One of my favourite things about this song is the way they seamlessly combine rap and singing throughout. The retro sounds and drum that cover this whole song are really enjoyable and the chorus is one of the most experimental and memorable in this whole album.

This whole combo is brought home by the next song, Only One. This song is so calm and thoughtful. The chorus is so sweet and beautiful and from the start it is obvious that this will be a great song. The harmonies all through this song and the incredibly full last chorus are my favourite features of the song. This song is so cute!

MY NEXT FAVOURITE is the incredible, mature, touching One Last Time. I can’t even list the things I love about this song, from the amazing start, beautiful piano, memorable chorus and beautiful pre-chorus, great singing, sweet harmonies and overall wholesomeness in the heartbreaking lament that is this song. The break down (chorus) showcases their incredible voices so nicely. There is not enough praise I can give this song, honestly.

Ooh! I waited this whole time for Sweet Talk to blow my mind! The addictive tune, the great instruments, the awesome pre-chorus, the amazing personality and singing and catchiest chorus I have heard in ages make this a delicious bop. The second verse is so full of sass (like this whole song) and I love the way the intro and chorus are so upbeat, but the pre-chorus and bridge are so calm! The beat is just incredible! Go SNSD 🙂

Love is Bitter always catches me by surprise. The buttery jazziness and soft voices are so cool, and the chorus is so catchy and full of maturity, as well as surprisingly addictive?! This song would sound so good on a big speaker, right? Their English in the chorus makes me so excited! The bridge, with its sweet guitar tunes is a perfect fit for this smooth song. This is one of those songs that sneaks up on you, so you don’t realise your obsessed with it till it’s too late!

“As all things come to an end, all my relationships will end bitterly – even ours.”

Next up, we have It’s You. The salty-sweet emotions in the beginning combined with the very natural voice editing give me the shivers…. I really like the chorus because it feels so old-fashioned in a way- this whole song has an old vibe. I love the way the soft singing works with the sweet melodies in this song. It is all so soft and welcoming, and the slight hint of sadness in the tune of the middle chorus blends perfectly into the repeat part. I get that weird feeling from the low pulsing that comes and the beginning and end, and it’s perfect!

Finally, this jaw-dropping album is closed off with Light Up The Sky. I love the retro sounds at the beginning, and the great tune of the first verse. The pre-chorus sounds like a Disney song (well the whole thing to be honest) and I love the weird chords in the chorus matched with the intense drum. The verses only hint the spine-chilling quality of the pre-chorus and chorus, and I think that’s really cleverly done. The piano hook is so beautiful, and the majestic last chorus is the perfect way to complete a perfect album.

Happy 10th Anniversary Girls’ Generation!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 7/10

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Written by Krystal