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Kpop Essential Sexy Songs

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Sexiness is a broad term – it is deeply personal and open for interpretation. Here are five Kpop songs that I think represent well the different aspects of sexiness.

5. Roll Deep – HyunA (2015)

HyunA is undeniably Kpop’s sexy queen, and Roll Deep is a certified bop. Her electric chemistry with BtoB’s charmingly cocky rapper Ilhoon makes this song so memorable. What I love most is that HyunA is so unapologetic in her identity as a confident and sexual woman. That is not an easy move, especially in the world of Kpop, and is one that deserves praise.

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4. Bae Bae – BIGBANG (2015)

While this track may be one of BIGBANG’s more underrated, it is certainly one of their most sexy. There are innuendos and puns to no end, and the lyrics convey the deep desire on a psychedelic backdrop. The verses convey a desperate hunger, and the rappers really shine.

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3. Body – MINO (of Winner) (2016)

How can I even begin to describe this bop? It is the ultimate sexy jam, add this to your sexy times playlist because it’ll certainly get you in the mood. MINO evokes masculine and player vibes, and fittingly this song talks of hook ups and missing an ex.

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2. Sleepless Night – 9MUSES (2015)

Sleepless Night is the perfect combination of classy, mature and sexy. The stunning singers of 9MUSES explore the emotions of longing and desire over a catchy and sensual beat. This song evokes major body rolls, so be prepared.

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1. Want – Taemin (of SHINee) (2019)

One type of sexiness is loud and forthcoming, but another shines most in its subtlety. This is exactly the type of sexiness that dance god Taemin exudes in this steamy track. He gives off a nuanced and sly kind of sexuality that fits his personality perfectly. This song creeps up under your skin – in a good way!

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Written by Jessica