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Best Kpop Christmas Songs of All Time

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Season’s greetings! It’s time to get in the Christmas mood, and what better way to do it with some of Kpop’s finest? Whether you’re about to start baking those cookies or decorating the tree, this the playlist you should have on.

5. First Snow – EXO (2013)

This happy ballad trends in South Korea every year around about now, and for good reason! First Snow is guaranteed to make your heart swell with joy and yule tide. With EXO wishing you a Merry Christmas, what more could you really want?

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4. Peppermint – Tiffany Young (2018)

This steamy track is Korea’s answer to Santa Baby. Whilst it makes for an unconventional Christmas banger, it certainly is enjoyable (especially all those Xmas related puns). Sit back and relax whilst listening to Tiffany’s sultry vocals.

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3. Winter Wonderland – SHINee (2017)

Winter Wonderland feels like the soundtrack to the perfect winter outing. It is a heartwarming classic SHINee ballad, and the highlight is definitely Jonghyun belting out those high notes in the last chorus.

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2. Dear Santa – Girls’ Generation-TTS (2015)

TTS put their faith in Santa, and we put our faith in TTS to keep the festive spirit alive. This song is the perfect Christmas jingle, topped off with a nostalgic naughties RnB feel. The sudden change of tempo part-way through the song will make you jump out of your seat. Be sure to check out the English version too.

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1. For Life – EXO (2017)

If there was one song that captures the essence of the festive season perfectly, it’s this one. When the enchanting piano melody starts off the song you just KNOW you’re in for an incredible musical ride. This song is calming and memorable, and props goes to EXO’s incredible vocalists for absolutely smashing it.

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As I’m sure you’ve realised, no one does Kpop Christmas music quite like SM Entertainment artists! I hope you have a wonderful festive season (I mean with these songs by your side, how could you not?).

Written by Jessica