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Kpop Essential Summer Songs

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The summer is upon us, and in the world of Kpop, that means upbeat & catchy bops that capture the sunshine and heat of the season. Here are my 5 favourite summer anthems – catch me playing these at the beach!

5. Don’t Go Home – GD&TOP (2010)

Every time I hear this song, I am transported to the sunny beaches of California in July. G-DRAGON’s playful falsetto and T.O.P’s deep catchy raps over a cool & carefree trumpet filled instrumental make this the perfect tune to listen to while sipping a tall glass of something cool.

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4. Island – Winner (2017)

Sun, sand and sexiness – that is what this song evokes! Island’s addictive beat will have you up and grooving… and planning your next vacation! MINO’s shimmy shimmy line is one to remember, and Seungyoon’s glorious vocals give this song that star quality.

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3. Why – Taeyeon (2016)

Taeyeon’s unrivalled vocals on top of a high quality production makes this song one of Kpop’s best. Her crisp and evocative voice is guaranteed to make your heart race on a hot summer’s day! This lighthearted and cheerful EDM track is on everyone’s summer playlist, I’m sure.

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2. See Sea – Hyolyn (2018)

See Sea is a song for those long summer nights. It is smooth, sexy and enchanting. Relax and let Hyolyn’s glorious vocals transport you to another realm. “Wanna go see the ocean babe?” she croons – an offer no one could refuse!

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1. Red Flavor – Red Velvet (2017)

Let’s be honest, Red Velvet basically invented summer. If you play this song on a gloomy day, I can (almost) guarantee you that sun will start shining. Red Velvet’s beautiful voices meld perfectly with the wacky yet unforgettable beat of this perfect summer bop.

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Written by Jessica