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NCT Taeyong 'Long Flight' Review

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Long Flight was NCT rapper Taeyong’s first self-written and composed solo track, released as part of SM Town’s Station project. This song ticked all the boxes - it was trendy, sexy and memorable. It has a tropical style instrumental which gives off the “produced by Cha Cha Malone or GroovyRoom” aesthetic.

With Long Flight, Taeyong proved that he has prowess over the K hip hop genre. He also showed off his singing skills on this track - he has a surprisingly soft voice, only rarely being showed off in the past on tracks like NCT U’s Baby Don’t Stop.

Being one of Kpop’s sharpest dancers, the music video obviously showed off Taeyong’s stellar skills. It has to be said that his incredible dance talent is a edge that TY Track has over most other K hip hop artists.

Many idol rappers attempt to shed their idol image and prove their worth as rappers, but Taeyong manages to do that without losing any part of himself. This is an impressive and rare feat, only accomplished by a few, including Zico.

The raps delivered throughout Long Flight constantly changed in pace and rhythm. This really showcased his versatility as a rapper - it’s amazing how Taeyong manages to simultaneously be soft, sexy, fierce. The lyrics themselves are witty and full of sky-high imagery. I am a huge fan of the use of onomatopoeia in raps, so this song left me pretty satisfied.

It’s enough but I’m still starving baby

Wanna go up much higher hey

So we can reach the sky

So we can take in the world with one breath

I adore Taeyong as an artist, and I really can’t wait to see what solo work he has planned in the future. Whatever he does set his mind to, I am sure he will achieve it.

Kpop Review Cafe’s Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica