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EVERGLOW 'reminiscence' EP Review

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After making waves last year with their debut and comeback tracks Bon Bon Chocolate and Adios, rookie girl group EVERGLOW are finally back! Here’s what I thought of their EP reminiscence.

I’m sure that everyone will agree with me when I say that the lyrics “Salute to my ladies” is a good way to begin any song. Salute kicks off this EP with a vibrant burst of energy that already has me longing for summer. This song is cute and upbeat, and with it EVERGLOW show that they can emulate that familiar girl group vibe that most rookies give off these days. The change of mood in the bridge is a nice touch.

DUN DUN is a fun and high-powered track that fits well with what has now become the group’s signature sound i.e. EDM-heavy instrumentals and a rmemorable catchphrase. The song is well produced and the instrumental sounds expensive; as soon as the song starts you know it’s designed to be a super hit. For a rookie group, this is an impressive feat. I really liked the rap verses and overall found the song to be a bit more palatable than their previous song Adios (don’t get me wrong though, I thought that track was fire). The most interesting part of this song was arguably the dance break, where the beat got funky and member Mia (a young HyunA, anyone?) really gets down. This part reminded me of the break in BLACKPINK Jennie’s song Solo, though I think EVERGLOW’s high octane version was more enjoyable.

Player is a confusing song at first, but as soon as you get your head around it it becomes insanely addictive. This song reminds me of the sort of music that NCT 127 put out as rookies. The chorus is unexpected and is reminiscent of Bollywood music - a good direction to take I’d say! The eclectic mix of majors and minors in this song keeps you on your toes.

The final song on this EP is No Lie. It is slightly slower paced, and after three fairly upbeat songs it comes as a welcome addition. Don’t worry, it’s still got a banging beat and a tropical house-trap inspired feeling that is a glorious throwback to summer of 2018 when practically everyone in K-pop was trying out this type of music. The simple melodies in this song give me Disney vibes - think the Little Mermaid.

Overall, I really enjoyed this EP! EVERGLOW have established themselves in the world of K-pop and are growing well into their characteristic sound. I’ll admit that it’s not for everyone, but if you like your EDM as much as you like your girl groups, then this is the perfect fit. They’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m confident that they will flourish.

Kpop Review Café's Overall Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica