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NCT U 'Coming Home' Single Review

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Coming Home binds NCT’s four main vocalists together in a ballad that’s as magical as the season it’s set in. With clear, unflinching voices, these talented artists perform a traditional song in just the way it was intended to be sung. But that’s not all this track has to offer: beneath the surface lies the bittersweet fondness only felt between old friends. In fact, that’s just what makes this song perfect for the season: it’s about taking a moment to appreciate those that matter most to us.

Gently, respectfully, NCT U sing to a love in such a devoted way they could be singing to their god – the beauty lies in the fact that you don’t know. Though the year might be different, the snowy calm of this concept evokes EXO’s ‘December 2014’. Upbeat songs are perfect to capture the excitement of this holiday, but if you need something that can ground you at this hectic time, you’ll find it here.

At the end of this road I found a light called you

The truth that was always shining by my side

You, light of my life

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 5.5/10

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Written by Krystal