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Kard 'Dumb Litty' Single Review

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Dumb Litty is not the kind of song I would expect to like. At first, the haphazard beat and their jarring voices seemed to only prove my existing prejudices right. But as I dug deeper, these discordant elements started to form a clear picture: one of a party banger not afraid to think outside the box.

In the midst of all the madness, KARD have created an effortlessly cool track that’s powerful in all the right places. My favourite part by a mile is ‘Litty Dumb litty bang the drum’. This senseless line that had me shaking with laughter has become the wacky highlight of the song – I still can’t believe it’s possible to make a swaggy track from the words ‘Dumb litty’. The beat has a distinctly oriental flavour that mirrors Bang Yongguk’s ‘Yamazaki’ (although this song isn’t quite at his level). As for their wildly different voices? They might seem unattractive on their own, but together they create a refreshing variety. Shout out to J Seph’s sleek bars worthy of the title ‘rapper’.

Sure, this song’s neither timeless nor groundbreaking. But why does it have to be? Let’s not forget what really matters – if this came up in the club, it would set the crowd on fire.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 4/10

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Written by Krystal