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Park Bom – ‘Spring’ EP Review

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Park Bom is back with her single album, and she’s here to stay. Kpop has definitely missed her unique voice and charisma, and there is ALWAYS room for another powerful female singer in this industry. I am so glad that to see Bom keeping her head high and singing again after all the hate she received – it just shows her incredible strength as a human being.

The title track is called Spring, or Bom (봄) in Korean. It is an upbeat ballad, with relevant and uplifting lyrics. I really like the word play in the chorus, where she says “Spring is back” and also means Bom is back. The chorus is catchy, and the melody is sweet. Of course, the best thing about this song is the singer herself. No one has a voice like Park Bom. It is so emotive and memorable – and you can hear both the pain from her struggle and her determination.This song is truly a dream come true for 2NE1 fans, as Sandara Park is the featuring artist. I really liked hearing Dara’s sing-rapping section; I thought it was so cute! The bridge in Spring is quite unique, as the introduction of a choir gives the song a gospel-feel. This wasn’t my favourite part of the song, but Bom’s vocalisations in the last chorus redeem the song. It’s just so wonderful to be able to hear her sing again!

You pull me down but I’m alright,

You make me cry but I’m alright…

It will get better soon once time passes

My lover is a more traditional ballad song compared to the title track, with a simple piano instrumental that allows you to hear Bom’s voice in upmost clarity. This song is not boring at all, as the beat soon comes in, and the song transforms into a rhythmic power ballad reminiscent of the 2000s. I especially like the melody in the chorus, where Bom belts out high notes with her classic charisma. The calm and slow bridge was really nice to hear, as I am a fan of those slightly soppy emotive ballads.

When I saw the title of the last song, Shameful, I wasn’t expecting to hear an upbeat EDM-style song, yet that is what this song was. I didn’t think that Bom would conform to Kpop trends with this tropical house-style party bop. Nevertheless, she did so elegantly and with her own flare. I was so surprised to hear her rap in the second verse – this queen just has unending talents! In my opinion, the least impressive part of the song was the chorus itself, as I thought the beat drop was a little lacking.

This single album gives me the impression that Park Bom wants to return as a full fledged member of the Kpop industry again. Spring was the perfect song to mark her return, and I hope that she is received with open arms by her fans and other artists. She certainly deserves to shine.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 6/10

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Written by Jessica