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Super Junior 5 Essential Tracks

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To be honest, every song by Super Junior is essential listening if you’re a Kpop fan. Super Junior are the kings of Kpop, who paved the way for all Kpop artists after them, and E.L.F are the world’s biggest fanclub (if you don’t believe me, listen to their song From U). Whilst I do recommend checking out their entire discography, here are the 5 title tracks I think sum up the group the best.

5. Lo Siento (2018)

Super Junior have the incredible ability to constantly reinvent themselves as artists, which is why they have dominated the Kpop industry for so many years. With Lo Siento, they successfully crossed over into the Latin market. This collaboration with Leslie Grace was inspired, sexy and frankly unforgettable.

Killer raps, catchy dance & Donghae singing in Spanish… What more could you ask for?

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4. Black Suit (2017)

Black Suit is majestic, cheeky and unbelievably catchy. This song is like a tall drink of water on a scorching hot day. It is invigorating, empowering and makes you want to start dancing and never stop.

James Bond meets Christian Grey – THAT is the theme of this song.

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3. Sorry Sorry (2009)

If you’re a Kpop fan who doesn’t know Sorry Sorry, then you’ve definitely been living under a rock for your entire life. Sorry Sorry is literally a genius track – it is everything you could ever wish for in a song, and it should be the national anthem of South Korea.

If aliens invaded Earth and demanded to be played one song that defines Kpop, play them this one.

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2. Mr Simple (2013)

I cannot believe the level of musicality that Super Junior have reached with the song Mr Simple. If you think repetitive choruses are dull and overused, then you’re WRONG. No matter how many times you listen to this song, you will NEVER get bored.

Mr Simple is Sorry Sorry’s much hotter and richer brother. I know which one I’m picking.

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1. Devil (2015)

And finally, we have the true gem of Super Junior – loved by the members and ELFs alike, Devil blew everyone away. This song is SUJU’s favourite child: successful, flashy & innovative. Every time you listen to this song, you add an extra year onto your life. NASA confirmed this, so it must be true.

Break up with your current Kpop faves, SUJU will never make you bored.

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Written by Jessica