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Red Velvet 'The Perfect Red Velvet' Album Review

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This album is truly a masterpiece – it perfectly shows all sides of Red Velvet – the sweet, the sexy, the bad-ass and the experimental. There is never a dull moment!

Bad Boy is EXACTLY the type of title track that I wanted from Red Velvet! It was fierce, dark and sexy, whilst still maintaining that signature RV quirkiness. The song was perfect, allowing the rappers Irene and Yeri to show off their cute sing-rapping skills whilst also giving opportunities for the main vocalists Wendy and Seulgi to belt out those high notes. I could listen to this song hundreds of times without getting bored, as each time you listen you hear hidden vocals and beats that you didn’t notice before. I love the rich texture of the song, as well as the high quality production. The music video, outfits and choreography are amazing as well, making this my favourite RV title track to date!

The next song on the album is All Right, which is a sweet song with a retro concept. It is very different to the song we just heard! Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of this type of sound (I much prefer the RnB heavy beat of Bad Boy), I did enjoy their pleasing vocals nonetheless.

After that we have Peek-A-Boo. This is the original title track on the Perfect Velvet Album – it is catchy and exciting, with a cheeky tune in the chorus. I wouldn’t say it is easy listening, but I like how RV always challenges their listeners with experimental melodies and concept. I think the track slightly lacks the depth and texture that normally comes with RV title tracks, as I find the beat to be a little thin in some places, but the catchy raps and fun concept makes up for this.

It seems that RV really enjoy their retro-concept songs, as the next track Look could definitely be an 80s disco hit. I prefer this track to All Right as it has a dash of sexiness added to the classic theme, which is what I love the most from Red Velvet.

Next up we have I Just, which is my FAVOURITE track on this album. I really can’t get enough of this song! Let’s start off with the unique and exciting beat, produced by none other than the legend Hitchhiker. Next we have main melody which is smooth, sexy and sassy. My favourite part of the song is the ad-libs and backing vocals, with the “ay-ya-ya-ya’” making this song so refreshing and unique. I love how the beat disappears in the bridge, and then comes back just in time for the powerful ending chorus. RV really took their musicality to the next level with this one.

There are just too many bangers on this album! The next track Kingdom Come is also one of my favourites. As you’ve probably already guessed, I really love the sexy R’nB style tracks. This song is just that! The ladies show off their impressive vocal range; the verses are sensual and low whereas the choruses are impressively high. My favourite part of the song is the breakdown, where the vocalists start ad-libbing over the last chorus – their vocal abilities are outstanding! Special mention goes out to Seulgi, who is easily one of SM Entertainment’s best vocalists (it certainly shows in this song!). I also loved Wendy’s sexy English talking lyric at the end of the song – the perfect way to finish off such a fantastic track.

“I will love you till Kingdom come”

Moving on we have the sweet ballad Time To Love. This song perfectly shows off the “velvet” side of the group – their melodious voices coming together perfectly for this calm and happy song. What makes this song stand out for me the most is the sing-rap exchange between Irene, Yeri and Joy in the bridge. The chimes in the background during the last chorus also add to the glittery sweet vibes of this song – Red Velvet truly are Kpop’s princesses!

I truly love the next song My Second Date! It’s sweet and lively with an experimental beat. The pre chorus has an interesting sing-shouting part which is edgy but RV makes it work. I love the beat drop in the chorus as well. The best part of this song is the hilarious lyrics!

“Today is my second date…

I already showed you my best outfit…

Heart is pounding, I rehearsed all last night…

Should I trip and fall, grab your arm? …

Locking lips, too early?”

Attaboy is not for the faint hearted – it is a shocking song on first listen, but you find that the more times you listen to it the more you fall in love! I am a big fan of the trap-style beat and the sexy bridge is a great contrast to the rest of the songs. At times Yeri and Joy’s high-pitched-almost-screeching parts are too much for even a seasoned Reveluv as me! However, this song is fun and exciting, and it wouldn’t be a RV album without a totally extra track.

I love how this album has so many ups and downs with shocking changes in music style – it just shows off RV’s versatility. Perfect 10 is a slow and sexy song filled with girl power. Wendy and Seulgi’s crooning fits the concept perfectly, and their vocal power is no joke!

“I’ll be your perfect 10”

About Love is a classic RV track: happy and upbeat, with strong vocals from Wendy and Seulgi and a sparkly backing track, topped off with a sprinkling of exciting rap from Joy, Irene and Yeri. I loved the bridge, where the track slowed down, showing off the girls’ velvety skills.

Finally we have Moonlight Melody. Ending the album with a traditional ballad is the classic RV style. I enjoyed the song, although I do wish Red Velvet would try a different type of ballad (think: heart wrenching SNSD style). Nevertheless, the strong melody in the chorus makes the worth listening to.

Thank you ladies for this album! RV work so hard, making consistent comebacks – Reveluvs are definitely fed well! RV title tracks are all big hits, and their B side tracks are definitely worth listening to. The truth is in its name: the PERFECT Red Velvet!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 8/10

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Written by Jessica