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Taeyang (BIGBANG) - Five Essential Tracks

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TAEYANG is the world’s most loveable idol – don’t fight me on this. He is sweet, sensitive and caring… not to mention he has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. He is BIGBANG’s shining light, and all V.I.Ps adore him. TAEYANG’S solo discography is seriously impressive; here are the five tracks I think are essential listening.

5. Ringa Linga (2014)

As BIGBANG’s best dancer and resident hip-hop enthusiast, of course TAEYANG had to make a song as upbeat and swag-filled as Ringa Linga. Proving to us that he is much more than just a ballad king, TAEYANG serves us with exciting raps, delicious vocals and god-like moves.

Thank you G-DRAGON for writing such an amazing song for your TAEYANG ❤

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4. Wake Me Up (2017)

When I first heard this song, I was honestly so moved. Wake Me Up is a magical experience, both audibly and visually (if you haven’t seen the music video, what have you been doing with your life?). TAEYANG’s voice is filled with such deep emotion – and I trust once you heard this song once, you will become addicted.

This song is ethereal (and imagining TAEYANG covered in glitter really adds to the experience).

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3. 1AM (2014)

1AM will always be one of my all-time favourite songs. It has that classic party-away-the-pain concept that BIGBANG do so well. The instrumental, the vocals, the lyrics… this song is almost too good to be true. I love how TAEYANG is not afraid to try out any style of song – he is a true artist.

If you don’t listen to this song at 1AM, then who even are you?

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2. Eyes Nose Lips (2012)

Eyes, Nose, Lips is literal proof that TAEYANG is Korea’s best singer. You will never get tired of hearing TAEYANG’S angelic voice. He really struck gold with this song – everything about it is perfection. It is so romantic, literally the perfect love song!

This song will make you wish you were TAEYANG’s number 1 #facts

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1. Wedding Dress (2010)

I can’t believe a song like Wedding Dress exists – it is literally pure love in a 4 minute package. TAEYANG has the sweetest voice ever, and this song will make you happy beyond belief. Wedding Dress also comes with one of the biggest music video plot twists I have ever experience (watch it, and you see know what I mean). The best thing about this is that TAEYANG actually got married!! A million congratulations – everyone is rooting for your happiness!

It is literally impossible not to fall in love with TAEYANG.

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V.I.Ps stay strong – BIGBANG is forever.

Written by Jessica