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SHINee 5 Essential Tracks

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SHINee are both undeniably classic and eternally fresh with all their music. They have some of the best hits in Kpop, so there are about 15 other songs that were good enough to make it on this list! It was very hard to choose just 5… As an eternal Shawol, I hope they will make hearts flutter for decades more…

5. 1 of 1

With this song, SHINee created the kind of sweet sound that will make joyful shivers run down your spine. Wait as the strong percussion and sweet chords pulse through you, cleaning your soul and filling you with love and energy. This is a masterpiece, encapsulating every aspect of a beautiful song in three unforgettable minutes.

1 minute of this 1 song will be enough to change your life for the better.

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4. Everybody

Woah! Are we in a spaceship on the way to another galaxy or in the best pool party ever hosted? With Everybody, it’s honestly hard to tell! The surprising EDM-style production of this song creates a one-of-a-kind listening experience that combines that sweet SHINee sound with something modern and very exciting (not to mention that this is one of the most catchy songs you will likely ever hear). Anyone miss massively uplifting beat drops? You’ve entered the right spaceship/party!

Put on your seatbelts folks, this is going to be the ride of your life!

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3. Married to the Music

What are you looking for in a partner? Let me guess: romance, charisma, craziness and the best voice you’ve ever heard. Knew I’d guessed right! Married to the Music will be the one for you. From the stunning vocals, sass, intensely captivating tunes, and EYEBALLS on a PLATE, (every partner has something special) this banger will be your life-long fantasy!

If you don’t get married to this song after first listen, I’ll be surprised for sure!

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2. Replay

This is one of the sweetest and most innocent songs out there. It will make your heart flutter and envelope you in a soft cloud of perfect harmonies and beautiful voices. This fantastic song simply proved that SHINee were meant for stardom from the start. It has one of those melodies that you always feel like you’ve heard before, even though it’s unique

This is the kind of song that makes you believe in love at first sight. Replay… a.k.a everyone’s first crush.

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1. Ring Ding Dong

BABY…. you’ve found the song of your dreams! If you haven’t heard this at Kpop night in your club, you obviously haven’t been clubbing! This a fantastic fantastic elastic elastic classic that will have your blood racing from Jonghyun’s very first word. Warning: don’t listen to this in public if you mind being seen shaking your booty uncontrollably to this irresistible beat! This stunner is so special that there really isn’t a rival in all of Kpop.

Ling ding dong, you’ll LOVE this song!

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Written by Krystal