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Taeyeon 3rd Mini Album 'Something New' Album Review

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"Sounds above the city, trouble overflowing

People walking without time to spare

This is like a jungle, I’m zoning out with a sigh,

Once I open my eyes, like a habit, I look for something new"

These lyrics encapsulate the sentiment of this whole album for me. This album marked Taeyeon’s first comeback in over a year, and it’s clear that she needed a fresh start. Something New starts out acapella, letting listeners drink in her angelic voice. Then a classy beat comes in, and the song changes pace. Her vocals in this song are low, raw and almost rough, giving this song some much appreciated edge. When the male voice goes “And now, the breakdown” – you know you’re in for a ride. The bridge and ending chorus were so satisfying to listen to, and I also loved the “na na nas” in the chorus. This title track is very different from anything she’s ever done before, but as a dedicated SONE, I am happy to see her try out different genres. In my opinion, Taeyeon is the best female vocalist in Korea, and she is definitely capable of rocking whatever style she chooses.

All Night Long is my favourite track on the album! It’s fun, sexy and upbeat. While it’s a stark contrast from the song before, it still flows on perfectly from it. I really liked how the song started off with the featuring rap from NCT’s Lucas – who’s low and playful voice fit the mood perfectly. This song was my 2018 summer anthem, and Taeyeon lives up to her reputation as vocalisation queen in the last chorus!

"All night long, going hot to the starlight"

The next song Baram x3 is very interesting. The word “baram” has two meanings in this song. Used as a noun, it means wind, but when used as a verb, it refers to cheating. Taeyeon’s killer attitude comes through in this song, which has both a playful and threatening vibe. I definitely wouldn’t cheat on you Tae!

"Secrets growing by one, by too…

Oh my god, what’s happening…

When I call you

I keep waiting for you who wont pick up

I look look look, baram, baram, baram"

I really love the next track: One Day. The bells in the instrumental make this song sound like one of her sexy Christmas ballads. This song is mature and romantic, and I enjoyed listening to her sensual crooning.

"One day I will…

Just wait until…

I will give you a day that’s like the most amazing present"

The last song on this album is Circus. This is a soulful song with a simple piano instrumental. The melody in the chorus is chilling – with Taeyeon showing off her light and airy falsetto. It’s not your typical ballad; it leaves you feeling sort of strange – but Taeyeon definitely has the power to evoke any and all kinds of emotions from her listeners.

Overall I really like this album. It was mature and sets a new tempo for her future solo work. I can’t wait for her next album!

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 6.5/10

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Written by Jessica