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Tiffany Young 'Lips on Lips' Album Review

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When I first heard the news in 2017 that Tiffany was taking a break from Girls’ Generation, I was heartbroken. However, I didn’t have to be sad for long, as she has been working hard in the USA and consistently coming out with great bops! The Lips on Lips EP marks her first album since her move into the US market. Like many SONES, I have been anxiously awaiting this comeback, and I must say I was not disappointed!

The first track on this album was Born Again. I REALLY loved this song – it’s so different to anything she’s done before, and I think it sets a good example for her future work. I really appreciated her rawness and sexuality in this song. Although it is a simple track with a very low-key instrumental, it is perfect for showing off her low and husky voice. My favourite part of the song is the outro – I really loved her little vocal trills – they gave me a sexy-folksy vibe. I appreciated how she went for a dark, sexy and mature concept for her official US debut – I thought this was original and well executed!

"Every time, every time that I come, I feel awakened

When you dive in the tides of my ocean I feel heaven

It’s like the first time, first time when you loved me naked

I’m born, I’m born, I’m born again, again"

Lips on Lips is a much sweeter and conventional upbeat pop song. The lyrics are fun and playful, and the melody is catchy too. However, I was surprised when I first heard the chorus – it is so different from what I was expecting – which made this track much better than the average pop song. This track was perfect for showing off Tiffany’s cute and playful side – and I’m impressed at her versatility as an artist.

The next song Flower is more of a mellow pop song. It is the perfect track to play on a sunny Saturday afternoon when you’re relaxing in the garden. Tiffany’s light and airy vocals in the chorus are fun to listen to, and fit the mood perfectly. I like the simple melody, and the clicking in the background is a nice addition. This song isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s definitely nice to listen to.

In Not Barbie, it seems like Tiffany is trying to put across a message that it is ok to be confident in your own skin, and that you don’t conform to strict beauty standards. Whilst I really love this message, and I 100% support Tiffany being a figure of empowerment for her listeners, I can’t help but think that Tiffany actually does perfectly conform to the ridiculously high Korean beauty standards, and if I had to choose any kpop star to be “Barbie”, it would be Tiffany! Despite this, I really like the idea of the song, and I am a fan of the simple acoustic guitar in the background.

"Make up don’t really fix a thing… won’t change, not sorry.

I’m good, I’m good not Barbie."

I am so excited to talk about the next track Runaway, as it’s actually my favourite non-title track on the album! It’s such an addictive song; it’s been playing on repeat in my head ever since its release. I really like Babyface’s voice, it’s smooth and melodious, and Tiffany’s voice compliments his perfectly. This song is so peaceful and romantic. I especially love the the harmonies and how both singers play off each other so well. It’s really nice to hear Tiffany collaborating with a male singer; this is something we don’t often get to hear.

"I don’t wanna waste another day with you away from me."

As a SONE, I adore the sweet, girly and happy Girls’ Generation-style music. However, I am really loving seeing Tiffany Young develop into a mature and confident woman with this album. I am delighted to see how happy she has been in the past year putting out new music in her native language – I can tell she is enjoying her newfound freedom.

Kpop Review Café’s Overall Album Ranking: 5.5/10

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Written by Jessica