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Who MV'd it Better? Red Velvet 'Peekaboo' Vs. Twice 'TT'

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These formidable women have left the sparkles and rainbows at home and gone for something more original. These two MVs have both gone down in history, whether it's for being funny, sexy or plain terrifying. But which did it better?

To say Red Velvet's 'Peekaboo' MV is weird is an understatement. From its spookily in-sync choreography to its daring imagery, the whole video is one of a kind (or at least was, till RBB). Since the doll costumes of Rookie these girls have had a knack for creepy concepts, but this is on a whole other level. They are the inhabitors of a shadowy house who torture an innocent pizza delivery guy with their charm and leave him covered in cuts and bruises, trying in vain to call emergency services. If that doesn't make an impact, the variety of frighteningly realistic weapons such as guns, arrows and axes they hold certainly will. A scene I won't soon forget showed Irene holding a shaving blade at Seulgi's throat (thankfully they didn't go the full Sweeney Todd and have her cooked into pies).

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Twice's famed 'TT' MV takes the Halloween theme in the complete opposite direction. The spooky mansion it's set in might seem similar, but the Twice girls opt for fantasy costumes rather than scary ones. Each member has a crazy scene as their character - what makes them so good is how different they all are. A particularly good example is Dahyun dressed as a bunny! She's known for having a great sense of humour and not caring about looking pretty, and that comes out great here. Elsewhere, Mina is a pirate on a stormy sea and Momo is a real-size Tinkerbell (with pretty awful but very amusing CGI).

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At first, the two MVs seem very similar, but the fact that one's lighthearted and the other dark makes them difficult to compare.

Twice are the leaders for setting. The mansion has that old-fashioned, luxurious vibe that you need for a haunted house concept, and each member has an exciting setting for their solo costume shots (Batwoman Chaeyoung for instance, who is stood on a literal rooftop).

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However, Red Velvet's MV is clever and subtle in a way Twice's doesn't quite achieve. For example, before you even meet the pizza guy, there's a terrifying scene of them sitting behind hundreds of pizza boxes. There was no way you could pick up on the haunting implication of this scene without watching the video more than once.

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Red Velvet's group shots have much more appropriate costumes as well. They are colourful, but somehow never miss the scary theme, whereas Twice are at one point in 'Heart Shaker'-esque white and blue outfits that are jarring to say the least.

Overall, on the theme of 'Trick or Treat', Red Velvet MV'd it better!


'TT' is a legendary video which is entertaining throughout, but the creepy details are what give Red Velvet's 'Peekaboo' first place.

Written by Krystal