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Who MV'd it better? Pentagon 'Humph' vs. NCT Dream 'First and Last'

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There's a Kpop MV for every situation, and the student life is one of Kpop's essential themes. Both Pentagon's 'Humph' MV and NCT Dream's 'First and Last' MV gave funny, original insights on the troubles of school life. But which did it better? Read on to find out!

The 'Humph' music video stands out from the crowd of school-themed MVs because of the unique images it's filled with. It starts with two little boys who are so angry at each other they have to split their desk in halves. They transform into two Pentagon members who, after lots of shoving and arguing, finally make up in time for a crazy party in the classroom. Seeing the sweet child actors is so unusual it makes this memorable, and the beautiful image of the red line splitting the desk will define this MV for years to come.

In 'First and Last', the unruly NCT Dream struggle to please a teacher they have a crush on, even building lifesize cars to drive in and impress her. In the end, the neon-dressed bunch are let harshly down on discovering she has a partner and even a baby. From their sweet acting to the exciting scenes set in the science lab and craft workshop, this fantastical MV has everything to offer.

'First and Last's costumes are a clear win. Their rainbow-coloured fluffy jumpers alternating with iconic blue suits make much more thoughtful outfits than Pentagon's uniforms that are so normal they could be real. Both MVs have eye-catching mini-storylines too. My favourite in Pentagon's MV is the person-in-a-painting which gets into amusing trouble (like being sprayed in the face with cleaning fluid). I've certainly never felt bad for a painting till now. In NCT Dream's MV, I loved the scene where they all rush to a cup which the teacher has left a lipstick stain on. Sure it was weird, but it was certainly memorable.

Both MVs are set in squeaky-clean dream schools, complete with sports grounds and lockers. Though both were great, I thought Pentagon's school won first place. It was more colourful and eye-catching than NCT's, and considering both of them bear nearly no resemblance to real school, the more pretty the better!

Overall, on the theme of 'High School from Heaven...or Hell', Pentagon 'Humph' MV'd it better! 


Though NCT Dream 'First and Last' had more varied sets and nicer costumes, the unique storyline of Pentagon simply couldn't be beat.

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And of course, watch out for the next 'Who MV'd it better'!

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Written by Krystal