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Zico 'Any Song' Review

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It's no suprise that this comeback was fun, expertly produced and relatable to the extreme. After all, it feels like a track Zico comes out is a confirmed hit.

The unfailing repetition of the chorus lines isn't just addictively catchy. It communicates the main character's feelings completely; it's like he'll keep frantically singing that chorus till he finds the satisfaction he craves. The simple, jazzy piano riff has you hooked from the start. The fun doesn't end there, though. The sexy latin-inspired backing of his verses gives an essential variety. It almost says, 'This is still a party song, even if it's about hating them'. In the bridge, Zico slides into buttery Crush-style harmonies, showing off his effortless versatility. It does have to be said that by the end, you identify a little too well with the character's exasperation - the endless repetition is trying for the best of us. He's quick to make up for this, though. As a subtle last touch, he repeats the song's key phrases in groovy rhythms.

Though the partying depicted can only be described as 'excessive', 'Any Song''s MV is satisfyingly simple. The storyline follows Zico at his own birthday party, seemingly invisible as none of his friends notice he's the only one not having fun. After gradually watching his own house get trashed, he finally escapes by plugging in his earphones and dancing like nobody was watching. 'Any Song' might not have decadent sets or racks of trendy costumes, but it's eye-catching enough to stand up against its high-budget competitors. The contrast between his blank face and the ridiculously happy ones of his friends is as painful as it is amusing. Almost to match how relatable the concept is, his sole eye contact with the viewer makes it feel like he's staring at you directly, begging for a way out.

'Any Song' hits the mark without trying too hard. This groovy track never strays too far from its key idea, and that's what makes it so enjoyable. Though it certainly is, it doesn't try too hard to be special. It may as well be any song.

Kpop Review Café's Overall Ranking: 6.5/10

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Written by Krystal