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Best of Kpop October 2019

· Monthly Best

5. WayV – Moonwalk

NCT WayV show us the dark side of the moon with a song that’s as mysterious, chilling and powerful as space itself. Combining hyped rap and powerful vocals with an instrumental to make any music producer jealous, the Halloween spirit is captured perfectly here.

4. Winner – SOSO

This song might tell of lacking feelings, but it’s far from average. It combines that YG party feeling with a deep maturity and sadness to create something energetic, bold and fun.

3. Taeyeon – Spark

Taeyeon shows off her beautiful voice on a track that’s as fierce as it is fun, as fresh as it is adult. The chorus might surprise you with its a capella section full of claps straight out of Pitch Perfect, but its uniqueness makes it unforgettable.

2. Super Junior – Super Clap

The party has officially begun! Kpop’s most dazzling hosts have cooked up something that will make you feel super yourself. With punchy spoken lines adding a touch of goof to stunning vocals, this melodious song will get you dancing for sure.

1. SUPER M – Jopping

The avengers of Kpop are here to save the day. This rollercoaster of a song has a irresistible surprise at each corner, twisting the iconic rap and singing styles of its members together on a beat that’s unrecognisable from part to part – flitting between rock, pop and EDM yet somehow flowing together as smoothly as if each note was phrophesied to follow the one before.

Written by Krystal